Animal liberation is human liberation

They were human rights activists

Women’s rights activists, so-called fringe groups, who have eliminated socially acceptable injustices.

It always started small and was laughed at … but it grew!

And despite the most brutal police operations, human rights defenders won in the end because injustice is only injustice, and slavery is only slavery.

And now animal rights activists are on the street and there is no turning back

Because the liberation of animals is the consequent evolution of the liberation of humans.

We have to work hard for it.

Never have the odds of overthrowing the animal exploitation industry been better than they are today. Thanks to Corona.

Regards and good night, Venus

New Year’s Eve in Rome: idiots cause mass death of songbirds


Rome – In Rome, there was a mass death of songbirds on New Year’s Eve.

Terrorized by the loud cracks and the fireworks on the terraces and balconies of the houses, starlings collided en masse against the window panes of shops and apartments as well as against power lines and fell onto the streets.


Bird deaths were particularly high around Termini station. Because a majority of the animals overwinter there.

It is believed that they died of a heart attack.


Massensterben von Vögeln in Rom wegen Silvesterkrachern
Photo: Mr.Teerapong Kunkaeo /

Due to the ever milder winters in Italy, many migratory bird species no longer migrate south but stay in warm Rome.

The animals overwinter in the trees of the Italian capital because they continue to find mosquitoes, flies, and other insects for food in Rome.

Less injured

Animal rights activists called for strict measures against the New Year’s Eve bang.

“Even if a ban on firecrackers was imposed in Italy, this is not observed. The result is that massive animals die every year on New Year’s Eve. Many pets are injured. This massacre must be put to an end,” protested Massimo Comparotto, President of the “Oipa” animal welfare association.

The New Year celebrations under Corona conditions resulted in significantly fewer injuries and deaths in Italy than in previous years.
The reason was the strict nationwide exit restrictions.

Firecracker bans, such as those issued for Rome, Palermo, Florence, and Milan, were ignored.

In Asti, northern Italy, according to media reports, a 13-year-old probably died from a firecracker. (APA, 2.1.20209)


Massensterben von Vögeln in Rom wegen Silvesterkrachern

And I mean…Firecrackers were banned everywhere anyway, at least in Europe.

It was perhaps the first time that European governments jointly decided on something good, for animals and people.
That also applied to Italy.

But there are always some idiots who light fireworks in the dark of the night despite the law and think they are resisting thereby the system

Soon Italy, like all of Europe, will be at an end, economically and socially.
The Italians should protest against this, and not at night, not with fireworks, but peacefully with other people during the day.

Otherwise, they, and all of us, will soon be in the place of the songbirds.

My best regards to all, Venus

How to Give Your Favourite Family Recipes a Vegan Makeover.

How to Give Your Favourite Family Recipes a Vegan Makeover

You’ve made the powerful decision to go veg, but you’re worried about forgoing some of your family’s favorite recipes. We’ve been there. For many people, these homemade recipes are comfort foods at their finest and the idea of giving them up can seem overwhelming. Luckily, with a little planning, you can make your favorite family recipes vegan.

While it’s likely you can already chow down on some of the side dishes the whole family is having—pasta, potatoes, vegetables, rice and beans, and so on—some dishes will need a vegan makeover.

Consider asking your grandma or other family members for help modifying the recipe, if possible. Making a new recipe together will show your family that you can enjoy your favorite recipes without compromising your values.

Here are some tips to make your favorite family recipes vegan:

How to Give Your Favorite Family Recipes a Vegan Makeover (

Call for Action: Kia must speak out against the brutality of South Korea!

Call for Action: Kia must speak out against the brutality of South Korea! 

South Korea’s Conglomerates (called “Jaebol”) have an enormous power and influence over their government and people because they make up the majority of their economy and employ millions of people combined. When the Kia Management speaks, the President of Korea will listen. How disappointing and shameful it is, therefore, that despite its wealth and influence, Kia shows no interest in helping to fight the horrific and diabolic practice of dog and cat meat cruelty in their own country. These evil meat trades are a blight on their people and their homeland – for numerous reasons. So, why doesn’t Kia feel any social responsibility to take action? Why are they content to do nothing to help end this abhorrence?

And here is another very good reason to NOT buy a Kia: 👉 🔥🔥🔥 Kia, Hyundai recall cars due to possibility of catching on fire.🔥🔥🔥

It’s time for Kia to speak up and do their part to bring an end to this illegal and unethical practice of brutalizing and eating man’s best friends. Please write to the management of Kia today!

Call for action – Kia:

Kia must speak out against the brutality of South Korea! – Stop the Dog and Cat Consumption in S. Korea! (

Call for action – Samsung

Samsung must speak out against the brutality of South Korea! – Stop the Dog and Cat Consumption in S. Korea! (

Call for action – Hyundai

Hyundai must speak out against the brutality of South Korea! – Stop the Dog and Cat Consumption in S. Korea! (