Can we learn something from crisis?

“We are living in difficult times, suffering confinements, unable to enjoy our families. Many people feel overwhelmed, despair, anxiety, stress …

All this, has made you think about how the animals used in the fur industry feel?

All these animals feel the same as you, and they suffer from birth to death.

They live locked up in these cages exposed to inclement weather, hunger, thirst, and loneliness, all their lives, all the time.

Don’t get dressed with their lives”!

Text: Animal Equality

And I would say… that we haven’t learned anything from the Corona catastrophe.
Because we don’t have the same level of suffering as the other animals.
Despite restrictions, we still live on the sunny side of capitalism and decide – as before -about the cruel life and death of millions of other animals.

We are habitual criminals.

Regards and good night, Venus


Germany: “congestion” in the pig stable!!

There are a million pigs in German stables that are to be slaughtered!!!

The overhang of pigs that have not been slaughtered in Germany is becoming more and more threatening.
The pig farmers’ stables are bursting at the seams.

There is a lack of slaughter capacities.

Due to the failure of large German slaughterhouses due to the Corona crisis, due to the lack of workers, and due to stricter hygiene rules, the entire system is about to collapse !!

The sows throw new piglets every day, while the farmers don’t get rid of their pigs when they are ready for slaughter.

Another problem: the animals are getting heavier. The optimal slaughter weight is around 92 to 105 kilograms per animal.
If the pigs are heavier, the price goes down. And the additional feed costs extra.

The Agriculture Minister of Lower Saxony, Otte-Kinast, pointed out the psychological strain on the farmers (!!!) affected by the pig jam:

“The desperation is huge,” she says.

In one week alone, 165,000 fewer pigs are slaughtered than in the previous year. These animals must continue to be fed and they also do not make room for piglets that are also accumulating.

Pig “congestion2 is still the main problem for the pig market in Germany, with around 680,000 pigs recently – and this also has a very negative effect on the particularly closely linked markets in the Netherlands and Belgium.

“We can’t get the compartments cleared fast enough. That’s why we’re currently on a collision course with animal welfare,” says a farmer.
This is a consequence of the corona pandemic (???)

The slaughterhouses have cut their production significantly for months.

At Tönnies, for example, the number of battles fell to around 70 percent of the pre-pandemic era.
Since then one speaks of a “pig congestion”.,zursache2308.html


And I mean… “The economic consequences for the pig farmers are catastrophic”.
If it is not possible to murder, then that is «threatening».
Only the economic consequences for the animal exploiter are important, the fellow-creature is totally unimportant.

The farmers complained months ago that they are sitting on 500,000 pigs that urgently need to be slaughtered.

If you know that the average time a pig mother is carried is 114 days, why not pull the ripcord at 500,000 pigs?
Why was insemination continued and thus piglets “produced”?

These intelligent, pain-sensitive, social creatures are entitled to an average of six months before they are sent to death by suffocation.

Consumer goods can certainly be produced in advance, but Not living beings!
Now the farmers are complaining again because they lose a lot of money for each pig that is fed too long and no longer corresponds to the normal slaughter weight!

If the “business” doesn’t pay off anymore, get out, and plant potatoes, or do some agriculture.
There are now organizations that even help to get out.

That would mean a revolutionary change in the world

My best regards to all, Venus


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