How to wear fur

Some would rather have both fur owners around their own necks.
These are the assholes.
Don’t be one, don’t wear fur.

regards and good night, Venus

Morality requires, not to eat animals!

From the Blog: V

What happens to the cute little calves in the meat industry?

That decides the lot.
If it is a little calf girl, then it is allowed to “live” first. His fate is the dairy industry.

After a few months of “rest”, the little calf becomes pregnant.

This usually happens when the little girl gets a metal rod rammed into her vagina and is thus fertilized. This then happens once a year.

Up to 5 times. After the last long-term pregnancy, the little girl is a young woman with an emaciated body. The pregnancies, as well as the enormous milk yield, wrench their bodies completely.

As a thank for her services, she is allowed to go to the slaughterhouse at the age of 5 and is killed.

The “normal” life expectancy of a cow is up to 20 years. It dies as a child.

If the calf is a little boy, then the following happens:
Extract from an interview with a slaughterhouse worker:

“To make things go faster, 8-9 calves are put into the killing box.
We’ll fire straight away with the nail gun. Some we hit right, some not. It is also difficult to get every one right as the calves go mad with fear and jump over each other in panic.

At some point you will no longer know which animal is now anesthetized and which is not … at some point, they’ll all be hooked.

Many of them wriggle and scream as the tape continues and they are stabbed and dismembered with full consciousness. “

It is so dreadful to read these lines. It’s so horrible to think of something like that.

It’s so horrible to know that this happens EVERY DAY. Presumably right now.
Please tell me how you can continue to eat meat or animal products with lines like this?

Tell me!

I would like to know how one can still be able to do so after such facts.

Emotional brutality to the highest degree. I find it deeply shocking to support something like that.

Nobody asks you to be vegan overnight.

But show the willingness to find solutions so that innocent and defenseless living beings do not find such a painful death.


From the blog V

And I mean…How far can animals be devalued?
The devaluation of animals is really so bizarre that it goes beyond imagination.
Wherever we look meat is practically everywhere.

We have reified animals, the meat producers see them as a product, the meat-eaters as food.
It has been taken for granted that meat is part of our lives.

The meat industry takes care of this with every dirty means.
One of them is that the animals that suffer and die in modern concentration camps are invisible.
We don’t see them.

Why is the meat industry going to such great lengths to keep the victims of our consumption invisible?
So that this fascist system can continue to exist without its function being called into question.

Because access to animal farms is not permitted for the public (including the media), the real facts about factory farming come from undercover research, which is therefore classified as illegal and unlawful!

But although these investigations have increased and become very professional in the last few years, the meat industry is mobilizing against it, with “bio” meat, “organic-keeping” chickens, “humane” slaughtering in farms … so that the consumer can calm his conscience as best as possible can.

Thousands of undercover videos and insider stories can still turn up; this is simply further rationalized as a “blatant exception” and “individual misconduct”.

Life has the highest value, and those who hate really animal suffering and death are not looking for excuses but for solutions.

Actually one is enough …! Don’t eat them!

My best regards to all, Venus

the political dimension of our food

“how do we manage to feed 60 billion “farm animals” but not 7.8 billion people?”

The global grain harvest is around 2 billion tons per year.

Over 500,000 are fed to the cattle of the rich nations – while in the 122 countries of the Third World 43,000 children die of hunger every day, according to UN statistics.

The poor countries sell their grain to the West while their own children starve in their arms.

So that we can enjoy our steak

A child who dies of hunger today is murdered.

good night, Venus