The “lockdown-dogs” – the product of an infantile society

It is fair to say that 2020 was a year full of bad news and everyone, especially in lockdown, was looking for something nice.

For this reason, many people decided to adopt a pet so that the time in their own four walls became a little more bearable.

Because many working from home, they could now take better care of the animals. Some animal shelters were even completely empty after the onslaught due to the high demand.

Unfortunately, the tide has now turned.

While some have thought about adopting an animal for a long time and taken appropriate action, others acted more spontaneously and were not aware of the consequences for the future.

This led to many “lockdown dogs” being given back.

There are more and more ads showing dogs for sale.
The owners want to collect several hundred euros for the animals, even though they only took them in a few months ago.

At that time, however, many were still unemployed or had more time, but can no longer look after the poor animals because the circumstances have changed.

“Unfortunately, due to obligations at work, we can no longer take care of him and give him the love and affection he needs,” said one owner to the Sunday Times who is now offering his 6-month-old Collie Spaniel for sale.

“I got a new job and that changed the situation completely,” says another.

Other owners have given their animals to local charities. The newspaper goes on to say that the animal welfare organization The Dogs Trust received more than 1,800 calls in the past three months because people wanted to get rid of their animals.

Chairman Adam Clowes said that it is primarily because many simply took in an animal during the quarantine without thinking too much.

“All the excitement during the lockdown -” We never have to go back to the office, come on, let’s get a dog! “- we see the consequences of that now,” says Clowes.

This thesis is supported by a survey by The Kennel Club, the umbrella organization of British dog breeders’ associations, which says that two-thirds of the people surveyed said that their dog was a “bright spot in lockdown” and a quarter admitted that they had little before informed and many of the “spontaneous buyers” were unsure what to do with the animal should the quarantine be over.

The animal welfare organization RSPCA has had to take in many abandoned dogs in recent months and fears that more will follow.

“We were concerned that many families who had time due to the lockdown would spontaneously take in a dog,” reports the RSPCA.

“And now, just a few months later, that’s exactly what happened. Many are only now realizing what kind of responsibility a dog entails, have run into financial difficulties or because they have to go back to the office, they no longer have time”

Many dogs in the shelters hope to finally be adopted, but you have to be clear about whether you can take good care of the animal.
We hope these poor lockdown pooches will find a new home soon.

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Hunderte Hündchen, die während des Lockdowns spontan gekauft wurden, werden jetzt wieder abgegeben


And I mean…There is no sin more miserable than to betray the one who believed you.

The real issue of animal rights here is less that of suffering than that of betrayal.

When existence for one another does not work, and the strongest person decides the fate of the weak.
In the moment of need, of social isolation, the weak gave the traitor consolation and loyalty.

And then the victim stands all alone in an animal shelter, longing for the one who betrayed him.
The betrayal has condemned him to loneliness and sadness.

It is said that man learns only in pain.
The animals experienced it themselves.
Obviously we humans have learned nothing, understood nothing in these difficult times.

I have a simple message: be loyal to the animals, because only one animal will always be there for you

My best regards to all, Venus


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