Denmark: fur industry are compensated with billions

After months of negotiations, a majority in the Folketing agreed to pay mink farmers compensation.

It will be a costly proposition for Danish society if the Danish mink breeders who were ordered to kill their mink last year receive compensation.

This emerges from an agreement for which a large majority of the parliamentary parties voted after a very long negotiation process.
The agreement was made between the government, Venstre, the Radicals, the People’s Socialist Party, and the Liberal Alliance.

According to the agreement, the compensation for the mink breeders will be between 15.6 and 18.8 billion crowns (That’s about 2,4 billion euros).

The exact amount is not yet known, also because the case of every mink breeder has to be assessed.
There were around 1,000 mink farms in Denmark. Part of the total compensation goes towards rescheduling the mink breeders.

Finance Minister says: “That is fair and appropriate”

“The agreement offers fair and reasonable compensation so that the mink breeders can get ahead,” says incumbent finance minister Morten Bødskov (socialists).

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And I mean…When more and more Covid-19 was diagnosed in the animals of Danish mink farms in autumn 2020, the Danish government decided that all 17 million animals of the 1137 breeding farms must die.

A hysterical slaughter began, mass graves were shoveled, and incineration plants were in full swing.

Now the Danish government has opted for high compensation for the mink breeders.
Most breeders should be well taken care of for a long time, and they are already looking forward to their future prosperity.

Fur prices had fallen continuously over the past few years, as the demand for mink kept falling. Therefore, most growers have a huge mountain of debt.

According to calculations by the Ministry of Finance, the average fur breeder has 1.17 million euros at the bank.

On average, each breeder now receives 1.56 million euros in compensation.

With this, he can cover all debts and is still in the plus with over 400,000 euros.

There are also additional bonus amounts: breeders who kill their animals particularly quickly in November also receive a speed bonus averaging around 67,000 euros.

The breeders don’t have to worry about their empty stables either – the state takes care of demolition and disposal.

And as soon as the next Covid mutation affects the minks, we even know what to do.
We’re already very well trained in mass murder.

We still practice fascism against the weaker as in the darkest sides of humanity back then.
And even legally.

My best regards to all, Venus


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