The wolf in our forests – it has to be protected.

A very common mistake is the opinion that the wolf was settled.
The wolf is not settled, but returns by itself.

For centuries, wolves have been in our forests and they have never been a threat to humans.
In the last hundred years, three people around the world are believed to have died from wolves, but this has not been proven.

In all three cases, they were adults.

With the intensification of factory farming (including grazing), its habitats and its prey are terribly minimized!

Wild animals make up just 3% of the total biomass of terrestrial vertebrates on earth!
The rest is “use” animals + people!

Today the wolf is a wanted criminal as soon as he tears a sheep or a lamb from an unprotected flock because he has to survive.

Hunters and farmers are the only “natural” enemies of the wolf.
They have a personal interest in the executions (if not extermination) of the wolves.

And they are exactly the criminals.
The first in nature and the animal world.
The second in animal husbandry!

My best regards to all, Venus


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