Switzerland: 50 calves burned alive – PETA files a complaint

The animal welfare organization PETA filed a criminal complaint against the farmer, whose farm burned down last Friday.

This is because 50 calves lost their lives in the flames.

The community residents, on the other hand, show solidarity and collect donations for the affected family (!!!)

That’s what it’s about
“Inadequate fire protection measures”, accuses the animal welfare organization PETA of the farmer, whose 50 calves died in the fire.

PETA has now filed a complaint and is calling for stricter legal regulations.

-The mood in Corébert BE is completely different.

The community as well as various private individuals show solidarity and launched a fundraising campaign.

In Rière le Moulin in Cortébert BE, a farm burned brightly on Friday night.
No people were injured – but 50 calves lost their lives in the fire.

The animal rights organization PETA became aware of the death of the calves based on several media reports – and has now filed a complaint against the farmer.

Because: “Due to presumably inadequate fire protection measures, it may have been accepted that the calves will suffocate in agony or burn while fully conscious,” said the animal rights organization.

This is not an isolated case in Switzerland: “Every year hundreds of animals die in stable fires. In Peta’s opinion, every such death is accepted approvingly due to a lack of fire protection regulations. “

The organization also calls on politicians to act and tighten legal regulations.

“Consumers can also do something about such terrible incidents: If everyone were vegan, that would not have happened,” said Ilana Bollag on behalf of Peta Switzerland.

The villagers of Cortébert stand by the farmer and show solidarity.

Various donation campaigns are underway according to 20min.ch to collect money for the affected family (!!). The community provides a bank account and calls for donations.

“Since the family has literally lost everything, donations in kind are also accepted,” the community said on Facebook. The affected family thanked everyone who showed their support via Facebook.


And I mean…The farmer is a homeowner, runs a farm, but has no fire insurance? A loophole in the law! or I would say… why should I donate something …?

And why a donation account?
If there is no negligence, the family will still receive money from the insurance.
Since the corona pandemic there have been many stable fires (also in Germany), it is suspicious, very suspicious, someone might suspect the intention is to collect the insurance.

I think the criminal complaint is the least the farmer has to get.
If 50 people were burned in the barn, there would be no discussion of inadequate fire safety, but the farmer would already be in custody.

50 calves burned alive, that sounds harmless to the donors, and because they are animal- and not human- children, they even feel sorry for the farmer.
But 50 calves char miserably in the fire – you have to swallow empty several times and get into great anger before deep sadness emerges.

To be honest, if I were to read, for example … 50 carnivores would have burned their fingers while grilling, I wouldn’t give a shit.
But the cruel death of the calves hits me in the middle of my heart where it hurts.

PETA is doing it right, Merci, PETA!

My best regards to all, Venus

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  1. Yep, absolute lunacy, the animal farmers play victim when their imprisoned victims die due to the farmer’s irresponsibility and lack of ethics. You are absolutely spot on – if the victims had been of the human species, the farmers would be in prison, but as they are “only animals” they get to legitimately grift donations for their “suffering”.

    I cannot even begin to imagine the absolute agony and horror of being burned alive, have you ever just burned a finger and the pain that causes? Those poor babies, always acceptable victims. 😦

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