Bulgaria: nothing has changed for the animals

Animals’ Angels e.V. / report

Animals’ Angels reported Bulgaria to the EU Commission.
Since 2011, we have been documenting how this EU member state in question systematically violates applicable EU regulations for the protection of animals during transport – be it on the export route via Bulgaria to Turkey, during Bulgarian animal transports, or at animal markets.

Over the years we have collected countless pieces of evidence – we have reported more than 92 complaint reports and complaints to the Bulgarian authorities in the past ten years.

They now fill almost 1,300 pages and weigh two files.

A sad result, because behind every report there are so many individual fates – of sheep, cattle, horses and other animals that are degraded, sold and traded as “goods”.

In doing so, they do not even meet the minimum standards of animal welfare.

Bulgaria-animal market-Photo: Animals’ Angels

Again and again, the Bulgarian authorities assured us that we would take action against the obvious grievances – and yet with every further deployment on-site, we found again that nothing had changed for the animals.

For more…at https://worldanimalsvoice.com/2021/02/15/bulgaria-nothing-has-changed-for-the-animals/


And I mean...Article 3 of the European Animal Transport Ordinance:
(General conditions for the transport of animals)

“Nobody may carry out or arrange for an animal to be transported if the animals could suffer injuries or unnecessary suffering” (!!)

Dealing with animals

“1.8. It is forbidden,
a) Hit or kick animals;
b) exert pressure on particularly sensitive parts of the body, causing unnecessary pain or suffering for the animals;
c) to wind animals up with mechanical means attached to the body;
d) dragging or pulling animals by the head, ears, horns, legs, tail, or fur, or treating them in such a way that they cause unnecessary pain or suffering;

1.10 In markets and assembly points … Animals that are not used to being tied must remain untied. The animals must have access to water.
Animals must not be tied to horns, antlers, nose rings, or leg shackles”.

In most European animal transports and animal markets, however, we always see something completely different.
The breeders, traders and everyone else who benefits from animals doesn’t give a shit what the EU regulation says.

And why should they be interested if there are no controls, neither for animal transports nor to animal markets in Europe, and every animal abuser knows by now that he has to expect little or no punishment?

Who is responsible for punishing crimes against animals in animal transports, farms, slaughterhouses, … in the EU?
After all, what is the EU Commission responsible for?

The EU’s failure to protect animals is becoming more tragic every day.
But what is even worse is the pride of the EU-Commission in its miserable works against the animals.

My best regards to all, Venus


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