Las Palmas: cruelty to animals always stinks

Las Palmas: On Monday morning, residents of the island’s capital, Gran Canaria, noticed an unusual, strong smell of stables in the streets.
The cause: a freighter that is supposed to transport more than 16,000 cattle to Turkey.

As reported by the broadcaster Canarias7, among others, the freighter Bader III, which is supposed to bring the cattle from Uruguay to Turkey (!!!) made a planned stopover in the port of Las Palmas.

The ship, which sails under the flag of the Bahamas, has been sailing for several days.
The animals had to be supplied with feed and freshwater, and fuel had to be refueled. The wind from the south-east ensured that the smell of the stable spread through the city.
In the afternoon, Bader III, a ship around 200 meters long and 27 meters wide continued its voyage towards Iskenderun.

And I mean…The capital residents probably didn’t like the stench, but this stench will come more and more often, so those who can not stand this stench should stop eating animals.

Animal cruelty stinks too, but only for those who also keep their eyes open.

As soon as the 200-meter mobile coffin makes its way to Turkey with the 16,000 moribunds, every carnivore from Las Palmas can breathe a sigh of relief again, problem deleted.

The motto is also common nowadays: close your eyes, it will all pass

My best regards to all, Venus


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