Norbert the hunter

This is Norbert

Norbert is hunter

Norbert says: I’m a wildlife manager

Animal rights activist
Hygiene specialist
Dog leader
police officer
He has worked hard to achieve this
2000 for the hunting license
8 hours of nature conservation
4 learning hours of hygiene law
4 hours of study on wildlife diseases
4 lessons “everything about dogs”
16 hours of learning hunting law
02 lessons in gun law
And of course weapons, binoculars, etc.

He now shoots the four-legged family members of others.
He controls and instructs others in the forest
He pays no dog tax and is a dog expert
He gets a 25% new car discount
He tells other epidemiological tales of rabies, owls, and fox tapeworms
He rescues fawns and shoots them four months later
He is suing photographers who use telephoto lenses to disrupt wildlife

Norbert is a nature and animal rights activist

Norbert is a specialist. Because actually, Norbert is a lawyer

My best regards to all, Venus


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