Today is World Whale Day!

Sea Shepherd Germany

This day of honor for the large marine mammals was initiated by animal rights activists on the island of Maui and has been celebrated there since 1980.

It coincides with the time when a large number of humpback whales roam the coast of Hawaii to give birth and raise their young.
The day is meant to indicate the threat posed by these majestic giants.

🐋 They are mysterious, intelligent, and breathe oxygen through their lungs – just like us, humans!

But the gentle giants of the oceans are in danger: illegal fishing, noise, traffic, and environmental pollution threaten the fascinating mammals.

Whales around the world need intensive protection so that we don’t lose them forever!

We keep fighting to save these animals from extinction!

Sea Shepherd Germany

💙 when the ocean dies we die too! we all have to help to save our oceans and their residents.

My best regards to all, Venus


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