Spain, Catalonia: pig farm of horrors

In our latest investigation, Animal Equality has brought to light distressing scenes from a “farm of horrors” located in Catalonia, Spain, where the highest concentration of intensive pig farms is located.

THE DETAILS: The investigation’s footage shows the farm’s non-compliance with Spanish regulations for the protection of pigs in the country, with evidence found of sanitation irregularities, animal abuse, and possible environmental crimes.

Our investigative team filmed:

-Pigs living amongst excrement, as well as eating food and drinking water contaminated with feces.

-Overcrowded living conditions that lacked natural stimuli, causing the pigs to stress and compelled them to bite each other’s tails and ears.

-Injured pigs, with some only able to crawl, while others who didn’t have the strength to move were left to die without veterinary attention.

-Pigs living with the rotting carcass of one of their companions, risking potential disease transmission to the rest of the animals.

The illegal dumping of slurry, which is a possible environmental crime.

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And I mean...In July 2020 the German Animal Welfare Office also documented the horror conditions in a pig farm in Germany, which is the supplier of the German pig baron Tönnies.

The video shows a similarly serious violation


The strategy of governments, vet offices, authorities, ministers … is always the same: first of all, close the farm until the public has calmed down.
Then it goes on as before.

Several such cases, like the one in Catalonia, were reported years ago in Germany, and everywhere the perpetrators were hardly or not at all molested by the authorities.

There will probably never be a trial in Catalonia, too. The perpetrators will live on without punishment and as innocent citizens.
And they will continue to torture animals.

And the stupid consumer still believes the jubilant nonsense that such crimes in factory farming are only “isolated cases”.

With the governments and all these amateurish EU officials with whom we are “blessed”, the worst crime in human history, the animal holocaust, will continue.

My best regards to all, Venus


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