Germany: A.L.F renovated shooting range!

Animal rights activists ”are committed to the latest arson attack (Translation of the old article from the “Naturally Hunting” blog.

To avoid misunderstandings: All translated wording comes from the author of this article, which is in the link, below)

Photo: Thomas Hohendahl

After a cowardly arson attack on a shooting range in Lower Saxony (we reported) there is a letter of confession.
Again the sender is the “Animal Liberation Front” (ALF).

The spelling and style match the letters confessing responsibility after arson attacks on sleeping facilities in Hildesheim (we reported) and Göttingen.
The subject of the letter is hard to beat in audacity and arrogance.

The self-proclaimed “animal rights activists” headlines: A.L.F renovated shooting range “.

Again, the criminals do not shy away from personal threats and advise the association “to continue operating the shooting range if there is interest in renovations in the private sector”.

Photo: Thomas Hohendahl

To the background:
During the night from Friday to Saturday (in May 2016), several perpetrators left a trail of devastation on the shooting range in Banteln (Lower Saxony)

The 100-meter run was completely destroyed by incendiary devices, and the technology on the “running wedge” shooting range also has to be completely renewed.

In addition, the perpetrators glued locks destroyed a lawnmower, and clogged the chimney with construction foam.
The damage is estimated at a good 150,000 euros.

The club intends to resume regular operations in mid-June. Not only hunters from the area train at the shooting range, special police units (SEK and MEK) also practice there regularly.

Photo: Thomas Hohendahl

You can read the letter of confession from A.L.F, which can hardly be surpassed in audacity and complacency, below:

“alf renovated shooting range

after visiting two training facilities in Hildesheim and göttingen in the past few months, we renovated the shooting range on the oberg in banteln (Lower Saxony) free of charge during the night from friday to saturday.
after all, the hunters should be able to really feel at home with practice shooting on the following saturday.

We advise the operating club to continue operating the shooting range if there is interest in renovations in the private sector.

After observing the property in need of renovation for several weeks, we could finally get started.

We hope that glued locks, a lawn tractor that has been converted to a foot drive, and the use of the shooting lanes as a campfire were able to give the hunters a warm welcome so that they can spend an eventful day on this beautiful shooting range with friends and acquaintances (the club’s website). were able to practice real driven hunt situations and prepare perfectly for the hunting season ”(the club’s website).

Excursus: driven hunt

driven hunt is a great activity for anyone who finds it entertaining to drive hundreds of individuals into a corner with the help of so-called hunting dogs and then to murder them.
in addition to the hundreds of deaths, it is also an exciting event for the survivors.

Finally, the own reference group is clearer again and the orphaned children are also happy that they are finally on their own.

At this point, a big thank you, from us to you, for all your efforts! and please be careful not to blow each other over.
we would be really very sad if we couldn’t continue to support you with this great fun.

we will continue to look after the members of the club closely if the shooting range should continue to operate.
because we, too, would like to continue to practice hunting individuals so that the next real murder goes as planned, regardless of the senseless and unacceptable motivation

weidmanns heil (common greeting among German hunters)

your alf-“

Photo: Thomas Hohendahl

And I mean…It is interesting that the shooting range is used not only by several hunters in the region but also by various police units.

According to the chairman of the association, Thomas Hohendahl, “all members and users of the shooting range are particularly shocked because the association “Schießstand Oberg” is very socially committed and repeatedly supports variously charitable (!!!) projects in the region”.

So far, however, there has been no suspicion of who might have committed the act, and the activists remain, luckily, unknown to this day.

Although the association offered a reward of 5000 euros for “useful information”.

Obviously, the association is not so popular as its chairman Hohendahl thought, otherwise the many denouncers in the village would have done a “charitable act”- because of such a reward- and would have whistled the activists.

A big Thank you, alf!

My best regards to all, Venus


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