Spain-Close the horror laboratory of Vivotecnia

AnimaNaturalis will take legal action against Vivotecnia laboratory, because of the continued abuse of animals

AnimaNaturalis and Acción Legal Animalista announce legal action for the alleged crime of animal abuse with prison sentences of up to 18 months for those responsible and a professional disqualification of up to 4 years.

Given the evidence that appeared in different media of the existence of a systematic practice of mistreatment, torture, and death of animals subjected to experimentation in the laboratory of the Vivotecnia company, based in the town of Tres Cantos in Madrid, AnimaNaturalis announces that they are going to take legal action by filing a criminal complaint for a continuing crime of animal abuse in article 337 of the penal code, sections 1 to 3, which includes prison sentences of up to 18 months and professional disqualification of up to 4 years.

Likewise, AnimaNaturalis will verify if any alteration or falsity has been committed in the documentary records or controls so that these degrading and inappropriate practices of civilized society have been able to escape the control of public verifiers or auditors.

We trust that the Vivotecnia laboratory and its administrators, no matter how much they hide behind a corporate network, must answer to the judicial authority for their actions.

These are just some of the phrases that can be heard in the video:

“Like Hitler, passengers on the train”, jokes an employee while carrying a box full of mice to kill;
“Let the spine break, nothing happens,” says one worker to another about a rabbit;
“I shit on the fucking dog”;
“Here’s the whistle, the eggs must be around here,” says one employee to another while drawing a mustache on the body of a totally terrified monkey;
“Die you son of a bitch!
“I’m up to the cock of rabbits and female rabbits “;
“Psycho pig!”; “
“Isn’t it easier and cheaper to smack it? “Says an employee boasting as he gives a rabbit a lethal injection.

We need your support not to give in an inch!

Please sign and share the Petition:

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And I mean…We are dealing with a fascist, corrupt system of exploitation and nepotism, we are ruled by animal experimentation lobbyists and financially bled so that we can co-finance these crimes in the laboratory against our will and against our developed minds.

The main problem is that this shit is funded with our money.

The very fact that man is still allowed to experiment on animals and, according to his fascist conviction, torture them, only shows which criminals this system consists of.

Anyone who knows and has studied the history of the Third Reich knows what makes animal experimenters tick.
Their actions are 100% identical to the mass murderers of that time.

It is not possible to keep behaviorally disturbed people, i.e. psychopaths, out of this area, they work with the full support of an equally sick and corrupt system

My best regards to all, Venus


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