He just wanted to live…

…he just wanted to be free, but they wouldn’t let him.


#animalsavemovement #animalsavemovementindia #bhopalanimalsave

वह बस जीना चाहता था, वह बस मुक्त होना चाहता था, लेकिन वे ऐसा होने नहीं देंगे।
कृपया वीगन बने ,दयालू बने ।

And I mean…This is the fascist right to decide about the life and death of other animals that the human species has legalized.

We don’t cooperate.
We refuse to become part of this fascist system

We fight for the abolition of the enslavement of non-human animals; and for veganism, not for animal products that are in any way “more humane”.

regards and good night, Venus


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