Solidarity with the demonstrators in Austria

In Austria, the pressure on unvaccinated people is enormous.
There is a 3G rule in the workplace, a 2G rule that excludes unvaccinated people from large parts of public life, as well as a lockdown for EVERYONE from Monday!

While this measure is expected to end on December 13 for vaccinated and convalescent people, it will then continue to apply for unvaccinated people indefinitely.

After the protests against the new Corona measures in Austria, Interior Minister Karl Nehammer warned against further radicalization of the opponents.
That is his impression due to the controls of the 2G rule and incidents during the demonstration of around 40,000 people in Vienna.

around 40.000 People protest against COVID-19 measures in Vienna, Austria, on November 20, 2021. © Reuters / Leonhard Foeger

There are death threats against the Chancellor and the Minister of Health.
Chancellor Alexander Schallenberg has been compared with the concentration camp doctor Josef Mengele. Mengele had killed many Jews through medical experiments during the Nazi regime.

“Tens of thousands have taken to the streets today in one of the largest protests in the history of Vienna, Austria, after the government implemented a new COVID lockdown and became the first in the world to announce compulsory”

— Michael P Senger (@MichaelPSenger) November 20, 2021

AndI have no comment to give but I picked up a very accurate one from the enlightened press ( in Germany.

“Greetings from the good old days.
This time you don’t even send the brown staff into the neighborhood to save the world, now you do it at home.

Austria’s Chancellor A. Schickelberg does the honors and locks away those who are symptom-free.

They are a danger to the program and since there can be no more health or immunity without the pharmaceuticals, one simply has to weed out these cross drivers.
As a test, there is initially a test inclusion or exclusion of 10 days for the unwilling.

There can be no more grace.
The police are instructed to sweep all asymptomatic healthy people who can be shown to be walking around freely without an injection or a health certificate from the street on the spot.

There were no special blocking times here, unlike in Germany back then, in order not to allow malicious comparisons to arise.
Freedom should clearly prevail here.

Paths to work and the work itself are of course approved for the lepers in order to increase the gross national product.
Leisure activities of all kinds, on the other hand, can no longer be tolerated, as the virtual viruses have been shown to be particularly virulent and dangerous in such an environment.

The reality is that seven billion people have to be injected through … voluntarily and no matter what the cost.
Austria must not be left out.

From the point of view of the Austrian government, the current measure is suitable to significantly promote this voluntariness.

And no, of course there will be no vaccination Gestapo, it is all intolerable scaremongering”.

My best regards to all, Venus

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