Of all things life is the measure!

Glass Walls

“No skin, just bones. Left by owner to suffer until death. What do you think? Is there a crime here?

And why isn’t there a law against it?” (Text-Glass Walls)

What I think…We owe the first step in downgrading animals to the commodity level to the theory and conviction of the Church.

“Animals have no soul, animals only have instincts and are therefore automatically not the same as humans who have mind and soul – given by God” !!

Much earlier, in ancient Greece, the philosopher Protagoras created the saying, which is still highly valued today: “Of All Things Man Is The Measure”!  which every idiot still considers the manifesto of human rights today.

In the Middle Ages, the existence of animals was under catastrophic conditions.

The animal hater and philosopher René Descartes (1596-1650) gave “spiritual” support to the laboratory experimenters for the cruelest animal torture of all time with his insane saying “Cogito ergo sum”.

With which he wanted to signal nothing else than that the animals are senseless and numb reflex automatons and their screams of pain when psychopaths slash them alive in the laboratory, like the squeak of a machine should be viewed.

If we want to claim today that we have developed in art, mathematics, medicine, architecture and, last but not least, in animal welfare, we should not regard animals as commodities, and certainly not treat them as such.

That would actually be the sign that we have developed spiritually and morally.

But we still don’t do that.
Because we are still depriving animals of their rights today, in the 21st century

In this sense we have not moved essentially from the Middle Ages, and like Protagoras – although there are over 2,500 years in between – we are still of the fascist conviction that “Of All Things Man Is The Measure”!

The measure of all things is not man; it is the life!

We are a species of torturer.
A disgusting malformation of evolution.

regards, Venus

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My best regards to all, Venus