Fashion magazine “ELLE” has removed fur from all of its editorial and promotional content

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My best regards to all, Venus

Mothers protect their babies

How primitive and underdeveloped we humans are still in the 21st century!

In order to understand that we are dealing with an intrinsic animal cruelty in meat “production” and that the NOT documented suffering of “useful” animals is much, much worse, one should actually only be able to add one and one together.

But apparently a moral change in animal-eaters’ consciousness is not subject to an evolutionary autopilot.
In other words: what we did not understand centuries ago, we cannot understand today either, namely that animals are not our slaves, not our food, not our objects of torture.

The recognition of human superiority over other animals in our everyday life is nothing other than the fascist right to rule over them, to decide about their life and death, to destroy them as it suits us.

Eating animals and their products does not only mean supporting the enormous animal suffering.

Primarily means cooperation with this fascist system of exploitation, the destruction of other living beings and last but not least our planet.

There is in fact no human being who is more valuable than the living non-human animals in his environment, because without them he would not even exist.

 Eating meat is environmental crime.

My best regards to all, Venus