you decide whether they live or die

We are a society that has got used to violence.

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Every year around 60 billion animals are murdered worldwide to satisfy the greed of industry and carnivores.
It’s an extremely cruel and violent practice, but that’s how the meat mafia works.

The machinery draws its energy from the large power plants of economy, press, religion and politics, but the energy itself is extracted in the deep, dark tunnels of the thought mines of human indifference.

The meat eaters in the billions help to maintain this system of exploitation, extermination, crime against animals, although they are informed almost every day, and even by conventional media, about the Holocaust of animals.

When you buy eggs or milk, meat or fish, you are paying the ones who make the money to do the dirty work … you are not innocent of these crimes if you still consume animal products … your money is that what they want … and they go all out to get the most money … by the cheapest means and the worst animal suffering …it’s time to stop eating animals and their products, it’s time to say … Animals of any kind are not resources, they are individuals, part of our Earthling family.

Speciesism and anthropocentrism are both ideologies that have enforced and manifested the highest contempt for life in the non-human world.

Don’t be a follower of these filthy ideologies; finish them.

My best regards to all, Venus

Nicaragua: Thousands of sea turtles lay their eggs under military protection

A member of Nicaragua’s army carries a paslama (or Lora) turtle (Lepidochelys olivacea) after it laid her eggs at the beach in La Flor Wildlife Refugee in San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua, during nesting season, on December 5, 2021. – La Flor is one of only seven beaches in Central America where more than hundreds of paslama turtles nest each year. (Photo by Oswaldo RIVAS / AFP)

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