Oh you nice Christmas time…

On the 24th there will be delicious goose in the evening wafer-thin with horseradish – delicious!

First holiday: the usual pork ribs with sauce, Potatoes and Peas & Carrots.
Second holiday: stuffed duck

The “animal-loving” people always look forward to that “Festival of Love”
We call it hypocrisy, we call it perverse !

It’s the year 2021, in a few days even 2022.

We know about pain perception, self-awareness and needs of non-human animals …

Every week we see burning fattening systems, animal transports, reports from animal husbandry and slaughterhouses, we smell, hear and see all the fear, agony and panic …
We got sickness from consumption of “animal products”.

Nevertheless, we consider ourselves “fond of animals” and “environmentally conscious”.

Not logical, not ethically correct, not up to date!
Our morale breaks down with a crash- more than otherwise in Christmas time .

“Festival roast” is not a tradition, it is the shame of an over-fed human race

So … let’s take the “Festival of Love” by its name and replace our Christmas dinner with a peaceful Christmas menu for which no sentient being was subjected to violence.

In this senseHappy Christmas

Mark and Venus

The Most Violent Time Of The Year