Photographs of the EPAR Shelter from Slavica

Here are some photographs of the EPAR shelter which have been provided by Slavica.


Updates to buildings have been going on for 2 months now and are not yet finished.  You can see that there is always the addional need for funds to be donated in order that the facility can be updated and repaired.


Donations are always welcome, no matter how small, but as a caution you have to consider the additional cost of transactions.  There may be a more cost-effective way to give your donation; therfore it is suggested that you E mail Slavica beforehand and decide the best way to make your payment;

Thank You.


Slavica can be e mailed at


Also, check out the header “Donations” on the following site for additional information.




















Appeal to Help Sivkica and Bucka

The photograph below shows little Sivkica.  Jelena is now raising funds to send Sivkica to a new home in Canada.

Please go to the information about Jelenas shelter and the success stories in Canada at:

For donations in the Uk, you can go directly to  and send donations to Jean.



This beautiful little lady is called Bucka.


Jelena found her as a puppy last year, and after having her vaccinations she went to the shelter, but became ill again as the cold was affecting her.

She almost died, dispite the therapies she was getting for over a month for pneumonia.

Jelena has decided to try to send Bucka to Canada.  As can be seen, she is beautiful and doesnt have any behavioural problems, she just loves everyone, including people and animals, she loves cats, kittens, rabbits.  She is already neutered!

Any donations either directly to Jelena or via Jean in the Uk would be very, very welcome, thank you.  (Donation information can be found on the above links).

We need to work together and raise £300 in the next couple of months because the Canadian Ambassador’s wife, currently resident in Serbia, is to return to Canada in August this year (08). Elizabeth has done an amazing job in bringing in dogs from the streets and shelters of Serbia and getting them over to Canada.

‘Coco’ arriving at Toronto airport to start her new life in Canada.