7th June – Photographs of the City Pound Suffering at Sombor



At the same time as there are serious animal welfare problems at the City Pound in Bor (see other article), Sombor City Pound is doing no better.

Photographs shown here are for the Sombor City Pound.


As can be seen, the big dog in the cage cannot even move properly.

In the pound there are 15 cages measuring just 80cm x 80cm and two cages of 100cm x 100cm.  We understand that since 17th February 2008, 30 dogs have been held in these cages ! – they are unable to move and are living in their own excrement, with little or no food and water.

Between February and now many dogs have died due to the conditions at the pound.  Because of this, it has become necessary for local welfare campaigners to bring charges demanding that a new shelter is built at Sombor.

128 dogs from Sombor city pound are currently still in the shelter run by welfare organisation EPAR, but they do not have the money necessary to build extra boxes to take the Sombor dogs, as the citizens of Sombor are bringing more dogs almost every day.

EPAR are requesting that taxpayers money both in Bor and Sombor, and right across Serbia, is used to build specific ‘No Kill’ shelters and to pledge that Sterilisation of all  animals will be undertaken at these premises.

Without a guarantee of a sterilisation program for the animals, and vaccination, microchipping and the fitting of an identification tag (to show the animal has been sterilised), there is not much point to only building a new shelter.  It is essential that the whole procedure to stop more young animals being born is carried out; if it is not, the end to stray animals on the streets of Serbia will NEVER go away.


At the moment, in both city pounds (Bor and Sombor), animals are neither microchipped or vaccinated.  Local campaigners believe this is because the animals are going to be killed.  Every day the campaigners fight to gain access to the pound, and they telephone Mrs. Sanja Celebicanin, the Chief of the veterinary Inspection Department for the whole of Serbia.



Contacts for Sombor City include:

Mayor – Mr. Jovan Slavkovic

E mail:   kabinet@so-somborpredsednik@so-sombor.com
Fixed telephone  00381 25 468 111

Veterinary Inspector – Mr. Miladin Mikovic 
E mail:   okrugsombor@gmail.com
Mobile phone  00 381 63 573 282

Director of JKP Cistoca – (Shinters firm) – Mr. Andrija Penzes
E mail:  so.cistoca@neobee.net,   direktor@cistoca.co.yu

Mobile phone 00 381 63 381 006





Block e-mail Media Contacts for both Bor and Sombor City Pounds are:



Block e-mail addresses of the authorities FOR BOTH Bor and Sombor City Pounds are:

Slavica at EPAR asks you please to e mail and telephone to help both the Bor and Sombor dogs – and she sends her thanks to you.




7th June – New Photographs Arrive of the City Pound at Bor, Serbia

7th June 2008 – SAV have just been sent the following photographs of the City animal pound at ‘Bor’ in Serbia.  Please note the tiny sizes of the cages, and the fact that the are two storey also, which causes extra suffering for the animals on the bottom tier.  Who knows the fate of these animals and how they will be killed – T-61 (if they are ‘lucky’), mallet, Nuvan or other poision.
When we obtain more details and contact information on this situation, the data will be published immediately.
Please look at the terrible conditions these animals are being held in.

BOR City Contacts to who you can send your protests are:

The Mayor of Bor City is Mr. Branislav Rankic 

E mail:   sobor@ptt.yu
tel/fax 00381 30 423 980
Mobile phone 00381 63 480 959
                   00 381 64 89 04 300


Veterinary Inspector  is Mrs. Dragana Antic 
E mail:   sobor@ptt.yu
te/fax 00381 30427310
Mobile phone 00 381  63 573 257
Director of the Shinters firm – JKP 3.Oktobar is Mr. Jovan Manic
Mobil phone 00 381 63 83 159 47
E mail:  jkp3.oktobar@neobee.net



Block e-mail Media Contacts for both Bor and Sombor City Pounds are:



Block e-mail addresses of the authorities FOR BOTH Bor and Sombor City Pounds are: