25th June – Latest News from Veterinary Medicine Faculty in Belgrade


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Disturbing Photographs of Animal Conditions at Belgrade Veterinary University


Latest news from ‘Help Animals’ on 23rd June :-




Citizens of Belgrade have informed us that the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine in Belgrade has been carrying out experiments on three German Shepherd dogs which the Faculty obtained from the Serbian police or military. These dogs have protected and served the Republic of Serbia until recently. We have only recently been informed of this situation and one of the dogs has been euthanized in the meantime.

As citizens informed us, the euthanized dog had been subjected to abdominal experiments, ie. a gastric ulcer has been artificially caused by acetic acid.

Today, on 22.06.2008 at 4 pm, we photographed the dogs and decided to take possession of them. Our activists rescued the animals. We are asking all of you to support us in this activity, since the state will most probably prosecute us for taking the dogs out.

Citizens of Belgrade have also informed us that the dogs were in the good condition when obtained from military or police, and that they were too old for the purpose they served before.

The dogs have been taken to the shelter for abandoned animals “Help Animals”. We will keep inform you on their state of health.

At the same place on the Veterinary facility they are some more dogs. They are prepared for brutal experiments to. Please help them to make them free and save them from the certain death!!!

Thank You – Help Animals