Animals on City Dump – Pozega, Croatia

Animals are hungry  an  thristy  on  city dump where they  wait  for execution

Croatia, Pozega


Honored Sirs/Ladies, authorities of Croatia


 This is place on city dump in Pozega, Croatia , where these  shinters and vets  kill dogs,  after they keeps  these  poor animals without water and food – they  have buy food ,but  gave not  food to dogs because workes –shinters  have rob  dogfood for their own pockets  and of course, nearly is  hole mass grave for dead bodies  of  these poor victims.

Please  help these poor victims.

Thank You for Your time and attention.



Slavica Mazak Beslic

EPAR/OIPA/Alliance for Animal Rights/SAV/GAARP



 3.izdanje Večernji list – Slavonija i Baranja / naklada: 300000 / periodika: dan, 1 / 11.6.2008 / strana: 5

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