Disturbing Photographs of Animal Conditions at Belgrade Veterinary University

Disturbing pictures have arrived showing the terrible conditions animals are kept in at Belgrade Veterinary University.  Dirty cages, hungry and thirsty animals.



What is their future ? – what are they being used for at the veterinary University ?


We ask the authorities and the University to come forward and explain themselves now.


APS Help Animals have several witnesses who have stated that when they arrived at the facility, the animals were in excellent condition; as they had previously been working for the Police or the Army.  It is understood that since their arrival, one animal has been destroyed because of its condition.


The President of Help Animals, Mrs. Zlata Korjenic has contacted EPAR by phone and together they will collect the documentation and proof necessary to bring criminal charges against everybody who is involved in this ‘crime’ against previously healthy animals.


Is not the job of a veterinarian to give help to and improve the health of an animal ? – it would appear that the thoughts at Belgrade may be different !


Please view the photographs and decide for yourself – and leave comments please.

Contact the following at the University:


Rector of  Belgrade University : Mr. Branko Kovacevic




11000 Belgrade, Studentski Trg 1, Serbia


Fax.   00 381 11 32 07 481   and  00 381 11  26 38 912


Tel   00 381 11  32 07  400


Thank You – SAV.