European (EU) Citizens: Please Act Now and Contact Your MEPs Regarding Serbian Strays and Roaming Animals. MEP’s Need Your Votes in June 2009.

*** To all European Union (EU) supporters and citizens ***.



Sombor, Serbia: Captured Stray Dogs Waiting to be Killed.

We need to keep pressure on all current Members of the European Parliament with regard to Serbia applying for EU candidate status in 2009.


We suggest that this should only even be considered by the EU Commission / Parliament, if Serbia firstly produces written evidence from the Serbian Parliament that it WILL BE introducing a National, Humane, No Kill strategy for ALL Stray and Roaming (Owned) Animals throughout Serbia.


Please write to your national European MEPs using the country breakdowns given in the links below.


Find your EU country, copy the mail addresses for all your national MEPs, and then write to them about the situation in Serbia.  Ask that without a Serbian Government approved proper and documented national stray animal management programme, Serbia should not be allowed to gain accession (membership) of the EU.


EU MEP elections are to be held in June 2009; and so ask your MEPs to act for Serbian strays if they want you to vote for them at the elections !


Please see the following links for national indexes and further information:


This information will be repeated on SAV at regular intervals as a reminder to all;

Thank You.



Stray and Roaming Dogs Which have Been Captured by Shinters – Next Stop; the Local Pound and then Death



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