Somalia: Criminals are plundering the sea


Two million Somalis are threatened by famine, and instead of helping, they also take their fish.


China is the world’s largest consumer, but also the largest producer of fish.
To satisfy the growing popular demand for fish and continue exporting seafood abroad, giant fishing vessels from China are now fishing in international waters, illegally.

With dire consequences, because with its huge fleet, China is contributing to the overfishing of the oceans.

Every third fish comes from Chinese production, a study found.



Somali government awards fishing rights to China – after Somalia received $ 200 million from China

The government of Somalia has agreed at the end of December 2018 a loan of $ 200 million for the reconstruction of the port of Mogadishu. The Bank has sole fishing rights on the Somali coast and remains involved in the port until full payment of the loan.

There are some of Africa’s richest fishing grounds in Somali waters, but not for the hungry in Somalia.
This is where the world’s largest offshore fishing fleets fish.
Fish, for the people of the US, Asia, Europe and the Middle East.

And not only China has fished waters of Somalia empty, but also Europe. The consequences of this overfishing must now pay the Africans. A plunder by giant fishing vessels in West African waters is responsible for the hunger.

Many of these ships are more than 100 meters long, which means that they are true floating fish factories, including European ships. In an area of ​​100 km2, 17 foreign giant fishing vessels basically catch all life from the sea.


Imagine the quantities of fish that are taken away from the locals day after day. That must be beyond the imagination of a human being. There are around 20 mega-ships in operation in this small area that can hold thousands of tons of fish!


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My comment: For years one reads, the oceans are empty fished, overfished 80% of the stocks. And what is the UN really writing? “world capture fisheries production has been stable in the past decade” !!

And the EU is also plundering fish stocks off the coast of Africa. By purchasing the fishing quotas of other states, the problem of overfishing is exported beyond EU borders.

China’s population now accounts for one-third of global fish consumption – partly because the growing middle class can afford the former delicacies more and more often.

To satisfy this hunger, approximately 200,000 Chinese fishing boats are estimated to be sailing the oceans. They account for more than half of global fishing.

Every fifth fish comes from illegal fishing, an economic scandal with catastrophic ecological consequences. Organized is the mafia of the oceans in a global network that is active on all oceans. Many species are threatened by extinction. And the little fishermen of Somalia are losing their livelihood.

“First the sea dies, then we die,” says Paul Watson.

If we want to stop the exploitation of the oceans,  we should not support the crime of fish mafia and delete fish, like all other meat,  from our menu.

My best regards to all, Venus


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  1. This desolation of the ocean is unacceptable for many reasons: 1. fish are sentient beings whose cries we do not hear, but are there, entitled to a free life in accordance with the needs of their species; 2. humans are genetic fruit-eaters; 3. humans have no right to devastate and pollute the habitat of fish and other animals whose habitat is the ocean, and above all they have no right to kill fish and other marine life. UN and The International Court must stop human madness.

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