USA: ** Latest UPDATE ** on Sardis, Burke County, Georgia.

SAV have now had an update to the initial post which presented in early January about possible animal poisoning in the United States.

The link to the original post is as follows:


Samantha has now supplied us with the following update:

Important Note – there have been NO amendments or additions by SAV to the following.



Just wanted to let you know that the toxicology report on the two dead cats and the little brown dog you posted on you’re site have come in,  The cans of food found a few feet from the bodies HAVE along with the little brown dog, tested POSITIVE for Aldicarb (TEMIC) a lethal pesticide used by farmers. 





I am waiting on the cans of food to come back from the lab now and have a Police Dept. not local who have ard going to test for fingerprints.  Since Temic is very lethal my hope is that prints will be present.  Hopefully when it was purchased and opened to put the poison in the cans, gloves were not worn as I am sure they probably were when it was added to the food.  I am attaching the reports from the State Diagnostic Lab. 

Note that the little brown dog which you have a picture of on you’re site was victim to this poison.  The cats thrw up before they died and none was found in stomach content as were in the little brown dog we will call “Angel Boy”.  Also there is another can that was found and picked up by county law enforcement that to my understandinng has not even been sent in for testing.  City of Sardis, If you will read in the third attachment thought it a waste of taxpayers money to send a food sample found in a local residents yard where his dog was found dead and suspected of poisoning as well. 

Also find attached a copy of the article in the Newspaper of the “Dog Catcher”.



Note he says how gently the trap door falls.  I personally tripped one of these traps last year and believe you me I would not put my hand under the opening of one of these as it would have cut my fingers off.  They may have modified it some since “the heats on”. 

Also note the city employee states the number of animals he has trapped in the past three years (being six) 

I personally have pictures from May of 2008 of three that were miraculously rescued and transfered to a wonderful rescue in Florida after the pictures I took of them and story hit the internet and rescue community.  The adult male GS was in this trap in the hot sun for three days and I personally went an fed and watered him daily until I found rescue for him.  I am attaching pictures of this dog and his two kids (they were put in the shack/shelter while he remained in the trap those three days. 








Pictures are from April 2008 (See above photographs). 

This dog was left in this trap for 3 days in the hot sun with no food or water and his two pups were in this shelter told to me by Dept. of Agriculture inspector not to be able to house animals here. 

The report makes false statements to me being “irrate” and using “profane languge”.  These are untrue statements – Unbelievable!



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