SAV Petitions: We Need You to Gather MORE Signatures for us Please

Come on World ! – where are you ???

We are dropping back with getting support for the two very important petitions we are running at the moment on the Care2 site:

·         A Request for Royal Intervention to Save and Protect the Animals of Morocco

·         Existing EU member nations requiring proof of Balkans states application of democracy and the rule of Law

Please, please spread the word to the moon and back; we really need additional support for these.  Please take action and get signatures rolling in for us.

Thanks – SAV.



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Petition Wording:

A Request for Royal Intervention to Save and Protect the Animals of Morocco


His Majesty King Mohammed VI Of Morocco

Sponsored by: 

Serbian Animals Voice 

To request direct intervention by His Majesty King Mohammed VI to prevent the terrible suffering of animals throughout Morocco.

With intervention by His Majesty to greatly improve animal welfare in Morocco, we feel that this would greatly attract many more tourists to the country – tourists who have recently been shocked by the terrible treatment of animals and who will never return because of what they have seen.

To request direct intervention by His Majesty King Mohammed VI to prevent the terrible suffering of animals throughout Morocco.

With intervention by His Majesty to greatly improve animal welfare in Morocco, we feel that this would greatly attract many more tourists to the country – tourists who have recently been shocked by the terrible treatment of animals and who will never return because of what they have seen.

Your Majesty King Mohammed VI,

Many of the signators of the petition which is presented here are citizens from around the World who have visited Morocco for their holiday(s).

Whilst very much enjoying their stay in Morocco, many of them have been deeply shocked by witnessing the terrible suffering inflicted on many animals %u2013 donkeys and horses are left standing and hobbled in the midday sun while their owners rest in the shade; and the terrible condition of harnesses which these animals are fitted with, very often comprising terrible wooden homemade yokes which are not adequate or suitable for the work which the animals are expected to undertake.

Animals are also regularly seen to have ulcerated eyes and open and festering wounds to many parts of their bodies; despite this, they are still beaten by the owners with wooden sticks the thickness of a young childs arm.

Cows are tethered on the back of trucks with ropes less than 6 inches (15cm) long; they are left standing in the blazing sun for hours at a time, crying out for water and shade.

Throughout most towns and cities in Morocco, street animals (cats and dogs) suffer most terribly.  Local authorities are poisoning stray dogs and cats on a nightly basis using Strychnine poison put onto scraps of food to lure (bait) the animals.  They die long and terrible deaths as a result of eating this bait.  Please see petition photo which shows a dog in the City of Khenifra that has been poisoned using Strychnine.

Dogs and cats very close to Marrakech (within a 30km radius) are now being killed with Strychnine poison.  In several cities, dogs are also being killed by gunshot.  Unfortunately, some of them are still alive when they are buried.

We call on you sir, Your Majesty, to please act immediately and stop the daily abuses suffered by the majority of animals throughout Morocco. 

Your majesty, you are a kind and compassionate man; we ask that your compassion be given to other living beings.

We have faith Sir that this petition will result in your intervention which will help the animals of Morocco being treated with more care and respect.

Thank You very much, Your Majesty.



SAV Post Link:

** Petition Link **:


Petition Wording:

Existing EU member nations require proofof Balkans states application of democracy and the rule of Law


European Union Enlargement Commissioner: Olli Rehn

Sponsored by: 

Serbian Animals Voice (SAV)


Several Balkans states are now seeking either full membership (Accession) to the European Union (EU), or are attempting stronger links with the EU.

These include:  Republic of Macedonia,  Montenegro,  Serbia,  Bosnia
and Herzegovina,  Croatia and Kosovo.

Serbian Animals Voice (SAV) has been campaigning for the improved welfare of Balkans animals for several years.  We have extensive experience and data relating to the terrible daily suffering inflicted on animals, despite existing Balkan states national legislation which should legally prevent much of this.  There is very little evidence to show political and municipal authority enforcement of animal welfare legislation. %u2013 details of this on a %u2018nation by nation%u2019 basis can be seen via our site at

In October 2009, SAV wrote to Commissioner Olli Rehn; EU Commissioner for Enlargement, expressing our deep concerns regarding an apparent lack of existing national animal welfare legislation implementation and enforcement by governments throughout the Balkan states.

Over 25 prime evidence links from the SAV site were provided to Commissioner Rehn, each of these containing many sub links, showing extreme Balkans animal suffering video footage which relate to our concerns.  A few examples are shown in the following links –

**WARNING Graphic Animal Suffering**:

We have expressed our concerns to the Commissioner, that even when provided with such evidence, clearly showing extreme animal abuses, nothing with regard investigation and prosecution is being followed up by the Balkans authorities to press charges; to enforce (the) often existing national animal welfare legislation.  In Serbia for example, the Public Attorney appears to be dismissing all evidence provided by animal welfare campaigners; instead, they themselves are themselves being accused of obstructing them (the Public Attorney) from getting on with their legal work.

In our letter, we have reminded Commissioner Rehn that (on his website) his very own words declare:

The European Union currently has 27 Member States. The Western Balkan countries, Turkey and Iceland may also join once they meet the conditions for membership. The aim of enlargement is simple: to extend the area of peace, stability, democracy and the rule of law, and prosperity and well-being throughout Europe. 

We draw particular attention to the statement by Commissioner Rehn of – democracy and the rule of law, as it is felt that despite Serbian animal welfare campaigners providing large amounts of evidence to Serbian legislators, no action appears to ever be taken by Serbian authorities to apply the rule of law, a fundamental condition necessary for EU membership.

If no action (in the form of prosecutions against animal cruelty) is being shown to be taken by Serbian legislators following the production of evidence and documented requests by animal welfare campaigners, then we declare that Serbia is not meeting some of the necessary and fundamental aims of EU enlargement with regard showing the implementation of both democracy (ie. requests by animal welfare campaigners) and the rule of law (ie. by not prosecuting perpetrators of causing animal suffering), even when evidence is provided. 

As a consequence, Signators of this petion request that Commissioner Rehn now fully investigates if there is actually any animal welfare legislation enforcement by Balkans states requiring EU membership prior to them being granted official EU membership.  Or is animal welfare legislation implementation simply being ignored.

We request the implementation of democracy and the rule of law for all animal welfare issues within Balkans states at all times prior to their EU Accession.  Where this is not happening, we rquest the EU demands it prior to accession.

30 Responses

  1. As a member of the human race,I believe strongly that we need to raise our vibrations of love and understanding of animals does not have to be this way,animals feel pain,suffering as we do.It is time we as humans give our animals brother and sister a place in society thats gives meaning,love and commpassion to all our 4-legged friends.Signed Navajo Medicine Man

  2. This is terrible the way these animals are treated….disgusting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  3. It seems to be proved to be true, over and over again, that man is the most cruel and despicable animal on this planet.
    The treatment of these poor animals is shameful – and any country which tolerates it has no place in the EU.

  4. Que faut il de plus lorsque que l’on voit ces photos, sachant que se ne sont que quelques extraits pour qu’une loi se mette en place afin que la protection des animaux soit entendue. Pourquoi les pouvoirs public et internationaux considèrent que cette cause n’est pas assez importante.

    Pourquoi tant d’indifférence alors que des associations du monde entier, des bénévoles, des adhérents se battent continuellement 24h sur 24 pour soigner ces animaux, blessés,affamés, mal traités suite à la cruauté des auteurs des drames.
    Pourquoi la signature de millions de personnes du monde entier demandant cette loi quant à la protection des animaux n’est pas considérée comme une cause majeur ? Dites moi pourquoi ?

  5. It’s a lack of funds and a lack of concern. People are concerned with themselves and not the poor animals.
    Please do what you can to help these poor creatures.

    As humans, we have the ability to do so.

    Give them food, water and love and care.

    Help find them a loving home.

    Do not neglect them and keep funds that are meant for the animals and use them for other things for yourselves.

  6. Totally agree with you, David. Thanks for your comment.
    Any country which tolerates animal cruelty has NO place in the whole Earth, Pam. This must be stopped.
    Disgusting. Poor, poor animals..!!

  7. I’m so sad that all this suffering is happening.

  8. the treatment of your animals is unbelievable…a nightmare that is real. no country should be allowed to have animals in such horrid and pitiful conditions, do the people not respect life? do they not understand pain and suffering?

  9. Save these animals and stop treating them as if you don’t care because everything come full circle when one acts in the name of hatred toward all animals..

  10. What sort of monsters does the world breed that there are many who could or would allow this to happen to a defenseless critter. A critter that would, for a gentle touch, kiss your face and love you without condition..

    Anyone that would treat animals so horribly would be less then compassionate towards a human under simular conditions.

  11. I find it infuriating that this atrocity is being committed by members of the same race that I belong to. I don’t understand how any human could cause such pain and suffering toward another living creature. How can they live with themselves? What kind of person must they be? These animals are so innocent and are not looking to cause us any harm. They are gentle and loving. They have as much right to be here as any human. These people need to be stopped and the children need to be educated to show kindness and love toward all living creatures of god.

  12. The brutality of people shocks and sickens me. All sentient beings should be respected and treated with compassion and empathy. Treat others as YOU would want to be treated.

  13. How can you do this to your animals?????

  14. this horror has to stop. the government needs to provide a way to care for these animals. this totally barbaric and cruel. this makes your country appear to be in the dark ages and uncivilized.

  15. Yes it has been proven many times first the animals secondly the children it is a disgrace

  16. Stop killing our animals. This is a disgrace and your leaders should be ashamed of themselves for allowing this to happen!


  18. this horror has to stop. the government needs to provide a way to care for these animals. this totally barbaric and cruel. your country needs to come out of the dark ages,and start being civil to your animals!

  19. I think this is absolutely atrocious that these poor animals are subjected to such cruelty.. this is such a shame and reflects badly on the type of people that live in this country

  20. I think that this is atrocious and it the treatment of these animaks reflects badly on the country

  21. only evil sick mosters harm or kill

  22. please, stop this horror

  23. Humans have lived alongside animals since time immemorial because animals are part of the creations of the universe and have as much right to fair treatment as humans otherwise it would just be like eliminating the poor creatures from the face of the earth. A nation without animals, is it how they want it to be?

  24. Two things are infinite: the universe
    and the human stupidity.
    But at the universe, I am for myself
    not yet completely certainly.
    Albert Einstein, 1879 – 1955, physicists (Nobel prize)

  25. STOP THIS!!!

  26. Why do they have to be so cruel when there is a problem with strays ? It is bad enough that they are taking thier lives but why in such a cruel method ? There HAS to be compassion.

  27. Enough is enough! Stop this please!

  28. enough is enough!

  29. why is it that some humans believe that animals do not feel pain, hunger, cold and feel unwanted. Humans would have to be the worst animal put on earth. We have the ability to help the helpless or to take advantage of it. The ignorant do the latter. It is time to come into the 21st century and start to show compassion to our four legged friends who have not asked for this to happen. Why not look at how to solve the problem humanely in the first place.

  30. has every part of the world gone stark raving mad?Animal abuse is a crime and someone needs to pay the price of these poor cdreatures gods creatures where is the humanity here .

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