Uk (Scotland): Dead Dog Found Tied to Fence Post – Information Required by RSPCA and Police


Dead dog found tied to wire fence in Scotland (UK)- 

please take action now



SWAP team UK have recently been sent this appalling article from one of our friends and supporters.


Please now take action by contacting the Police, SPCA, and local MP for the area in Scotland.


We are asking all our national and international supporters to please inundate the authorities asap, please urge them to take immediate action on finding the perpetrators of this heinous crime and bring these evil beings to justice.


If you have any info please contact the SPCA and the Police immediately.


Please remember it is imperative that all correspondence is kept polite


MP for Angus Mike Weir-


Scottish SPCA (please fill out the form on the link provided)


Tayside Police  (you do not have to give your personal address, however email addy needed to get a reply).


Many thanks SWAP team UK

May justice prevail





Dead dog found tied to wire fence


A dog was tied to a barbed wire fence in Angus and left to starve to death for up to two weeks, animal welfare officers have revealed.


The dead female mastiff cross was discovered on the Kinnaird Park Estate on the outskirts of Brechin on Friday. An examination of the animal’s stomach contents found only grains of soil and fragments of wood as she tried to eat anything within her limited reach. Scottish SPCA staff described it as one of the worst cases of animal cruelty.


The dog was tightly tethered to the fence with blue twine and she was wearing a blue collar and black muzzle.


‘Extreme fear’


The Scottish SPCA said it would have been a “slow and lingering death from starvation and dehydration.”


Senior Inspector Mark Lumgair added: “I can only describe the scene that met me as horrendous. It’s one of the worst cases I’ve ever had to deal with in all my time as an inspector.


“This poor dog has been made to suffer unimaginable cruelty over a prolonged period of time.  “She looks to have been there for at least a week, maybe two. Those last days of her life must have been filled with extreme fear and pain.


“I can’t begin to imagine how she was feeling and thinking in the days and hours that she spent there alone and suffering.”

The penalty for abandoning an animal is a fine of up to £5,000 and six months in prison.


The Scottish SPCA said it would also seek a lifetime ban on keeping animals for anyone found guilty of this crime.


India: 21/03 – Several BEAUTIFUL Little Puppies Requiring Adoption – Can You Help and / or Spread The Word ?


Dear all; here are messages we have been forwarded by our good friend Rishi in India.  If you can help in any way, then please do.

Lets all try and get these little beauties a safe and loving home real soon.

Thanks – SAV


From: Seema Rahmani

A mumbai pup.

She is a floppy eared 2 month old pup.

Call 9820311423 if would like to adopt.

God bless.






Hi all,


This is to let you know of a beautiful and absolutely adorable 4-week-old Indian breed pup, who is in very urgent need of a loving home. Attached are a few pictures of her. She was found starved and injured on the streets a week back and was rescued for foster care. Now she is in great health, is very playful and is in need of a caring home to adopt her.


We request all those who are looking to adopt a pup, to give her a chance, instead of bringing home a foreign breed and supporting the cruel practice of ‘breeding for business.’


Those interested, please contact at these numbers –




Kindly forward this mail to as many people as possible, for the sake of this innocent little one.


In anticipation of a response…


New Delhi


From: Karishma Handa <
Dear Friends,

These are three female “street” puppies whose mother died soon after giving birth.



They have been hand reared and are now 50 days old. We are looking for good loving home who will look over their “lack” of a pedigree and love them for what they are – fun, loving, loyal and adorable little puppies.



Any body interested in adopting any or all of them can CALL or SMS on 9818201987.

Thank you