India: 17/03 – Three Appeals for New Homes for Beautiful Animals – Can You Help ?



The following has been sent by Rishi in India.  Please help if you are able; spread the word to find a home for all the animals shown below.

Thanks – SAV.

Dear All,


These two kittens are thrown out by the owner. please help me to find the good home for these little ones .


They are cute and healthy.


Fizzah Shah


09821036075, 09821372959




From: nandini kakar


Dear friends,

Here are some photos of Joey- an 8 year old springer spaniel , a very affectionate and obedient pet.Please help find a good, caring home for him.








From: Anita sharma
Date: Tue, Mar 17, 2009 at 12:52 AM
Subject: A loving home for my Dog, Maximus


Dear Rishi,

A friend of mine is looking for a home for her 3 year old Dog, Maximus, as she is not able to keep him due to circumstances beyond her control.


I am attaching a write up (by her), which is pretty moving. I do hope you can help.

Both of us would be eternally grateful.


Warm Regards




max  max

My dog’s name is Maximus – but he responds to Max, Dubsimus, Poopaditoes …

Max is a unique character – a law unto himself! His life is simple – the people he loves are god to him and he knows how to assert himself – not for him the occasional pat on the head – when he wants to be petted, he will walk over to you, put his head on your knee and force you to acknowledge him and pay attention to him!!


I got him from a pet shelter three years back – a tiny, scraggly , insecure and scared little puppy – I was told he needed extra love and attention – more so because he had been rejected a few times as he was not a pure bred – well, I did get him but he was anything but scared and insecure! He is a very lively and frisky dog – jumps and runs around the entire day. Not an aggressive dog, Max is very loving and makes friends easily.

The little one had his clear likes and dislikes which he started to assert within a few days of arriving. It breaks my heart to think I have to give him up however, he deserves better than I am able to provide right now.


A very loving and affectionate dog, Max needs to belong to a family that genuinely loves pets for their devotion and loyalty. Due to some personal reasons I am no longer able to provide Max the home he was part of and am looking for a family for him that genuinely feels for animals and will love him and judge him on the basis of his breed (or lack of it ) J


Max has been a guardian angel and also my best friend – watching over me when I was low and not judging me inspite of the low’s – constant in his love and devotion and always lighting up in my presence.


In case Max is not the dog you are looking to add to your family, if you are animal lover, I am sure you will find time to help me look for a home for him. A new home that is waiting for him, just as Max is waiting to belong to his new family.


Thank you J

Warm regards,