Canada: Attention all Canadians – Support the “Harb” Seal Bill


From: Earle Bingley <>
Subject: Re: Billl to Stop the Seal Hunt
To: “Undisclosed Recipients” <>
Date: Saturday, 14 March, 2009, 12:01 AM

Dear Friends:

          Pleae lend your support to Senator Mac Harb.

See Below for details…please send him an e-mail offering him your support.






Attention all Canadians – Support the “Harb” Seal Bill


Finally, a Canadian politician with the guts to speak out for justice for the seals.

Canadian Senator, Mac Harb, introduced a Bill on March 3rd to end Canada’s cruel and destructive commercial seal slaughter once and for all.


Canadian politicians rose quickly to stifle the Harb Seal Bill but the fact that at long last, for the first time since the mid-1970’s, a Canadian politician has spoken out against the seal slaughter.


This is a crack that we can wedge open further, thanks to the European bill to ban seal products.


If you are a Canadian or even if you’re not, please send Senator Mac Harb an e-mail expressing your support for his initiative. He needs to know he has the backing of millions of people worldwide.

The e-mail address for Senator Mac Harb is


The address for postage (free when sent to House and/or Senate) is:

Senator Mac Harb: House of Commons
Parliament Buildings
Ottawa, Ontario
K1A 0A6


Every single message and letter of support will help him make the Bill to end the seal hunt legitimate in the Senate and in the House of Commons, and bring it to the next stages. Every message of support will also make it much more difficult for the political parties and government to ignore the will of their electorates. As you all know, public opinion is on our side to end the seal slaughter. We must reach out to as many people as we can.

Independent groups will be participating globally for the International Day of Action for Seals the weekend of March 15th to protest the start of the seal hunt. This will be a great opportunity to rally all groups in support of Senator Mac Harb.

Sample of action addressed to all senators (Courtesy of IFAW)


For addresses of any senator visit this address and click on the senator’s name for his/her e-mail address:



Dear Senator,

I am writing to urge you to support Senator Mac Harb’s bill to end Canada’s commercial seal hunt.

As a Canadian, I proudly support this initiative and urge you to be accountable to the vast majority of Canadians by supporting this long-overdue legislation.

Our government has wasted my tax dollars subsidizing and defending this cruel and unsustainable hunt for far too long and as a concerned citizen I trust you will support the “Harb seal bill”







England (Uk): Huntsman Sentenced to 6 Months for Assaulting Hunt Monitor and Acting Like An “arrogant, cowardly, drunken lout”.


** SAV February Post UPDATE ** –

Original Story: 

Please refer to our SAV post (link below) of 24th February:

Huntsman is jailed for assaults

A Devon huntsman has been jailed for assaulting two animal rights activists.

Christopher Marles, 48, of Farringdon, had earlier admitted using his horse to knock Helen Weeks to the ground as she filmed the East Devon Hunt.

He was serving a suspended sentence for attacking another hunt monitor when the second assault happened in March 2008.

Sentencing Marles at Exeter Crown Court to six months in jail for the offences, the judge said he had acted like an “arrogant, cowardly, drunken lout”.

“I hope you are thoroughly ashamed of yourself,” Recorder Ros Collins told Marles.

Previous conviction

In October 2006, Marles was sentenced to nine months, suspended for two years, for causing actual bodily harm to 58-year-old Kevin Hill.

Mr Hill was left with two black eyes and needed six stitches after being punched while filming the Devon and Somerset Staghounds.

In the attack in March, Ms Weeks was filming near Whimpole as Marles repeatedly rode his horse into her. The footage was shown in court.

She accepted he had not tried to physically hurt her but that his idea was to put fear into her.

Speaking after the hearing, Ms Weeks said: “I expected him to ride on by and he just turned his horse in one movement towards me.

“He didn’t stop, he just carried on. He took the horse by surprise and the horse just went into my shoulder and pushed me into the ditch.”

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