China: International Call To Write to Chinese Embassies – Sickening Dog and Cat Cruelty Taking Place Today in China

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Photographs and Leaflet – Naturewatch, Gloucestershire, England.

Dear Supporter

Your help is urgently needed! And you can provide it with the cost of a stamp. 

Today I am writing to you because Naturewatch needs your help to put pressure on the Chinese authorities to introduce animal protection laws in China.

The vile and sickening torture of cats and dogs for human consumption in China is beyond belief.  I won’t go into any detail of how the animals are tortured in this email as it is far too gruesome, however you will find information on our website >>

The barbarity is so extreme, thousands of ill-fated cats and dogs take their last breath while enduring the most hellish suffering. 

What kind of human and what kind of government can allow this repulsive treatment of innocent and defenceless animals?

Please write a letter to the Chinese Ambassador
We would like you to express your feelings to the Chinese Ambassador to the UK about the cruel treatment of animals in China.   Please let her know that it is completely unacceptable, totally unjustified, and brings shame and disgrace upon China.

Please click here to download a letter which you can simply print, sign and post to the Chinese Embassy in London.  The letter explains the main points, but please feel free to add your thoughts, or to write your own letter if you wish.

Please send the letter to:
Her Excellency Madame Fu Ying
Ambassador of the People’s Republic of China to the United Kingdom
49-51 Portland Place

Naturewatch supporters are sending their letters now, so please send your letter as soon as possible to increase the impact of the campaign.

Your letter to the Chinese Ambassador could be truly life saving for millions of cats and dogs, and it will take you no more than a minute to print the template letter, fill it in and send it to the Chinese Ambassador.

To learn more about the work we are carrying out, please visit our website >>

Thank you for your continued support!

Jennie Rudd
Campaign Manager


SAV Comment –

If you are a non-Uk citizen and do not wish to contact the London Embassy, then please use the following link to find other Chinese embassies globally to contact about this animal abuse.  Simply use the letter download link above and forward to your national Chinese embassy.


Romania: An Urgent Call to ALL INTERNATIONAL Welfare Organisations With Stray Animal Experience – Your Immediate Help Is Needed Please

Dear supporters; 
We have had the following mail from Daniela who is involved with the stray dogs issue in Romania.  
It must be said now that we give full support to Daniela and FRPCA in the 
actions they are undertaking.
We hope that this case will draw attention to the stray animals issue both within EU nations and those who are currently non EU members but hoping 
to gain accession.  We also hope that the actions here will provide us 
and other animal welfare organisations with many ideas, suggestions 
and guidance as to what can be done for the future with regard legal 
actions against authorities who are not undertaking enforcement of 
their own national legislation.
Finally, Daniela asks in her mail:
“We kindly ask you to join & support our action, by sending letters that will be attached to our dossier, speaking about the international 
experience in many countries, and about results of the spay-neuter 
Whilst we understand the feeling that people have about the stray animal situation and the ways animals are suffering, we would like to say that 
the data and evidence presented to Daniela will be used as evidence 
in a Court of Law; and so we ask please that if any data is presented, 
it is kept polite, respectful of those who will be reviewing it, and very 
importantly, constructive in the information that it provides 
– ie. That No Kill spay and neuter, vaccination and identificaion is the only 
way to deal with the issue of stray animals population management; combined 
with an effective public education programme about the responsibilities of 
animal ownership. 
Lets remember, not all strays that are on the streets are offspring of other un-owned strays; many ‘strays’ are the direct result of 
OWNED but UN-STERILISED animals being allowed to go loose and 
roam the streets every day by their owners who should be taking much 
more responsibility for their own animals.
Public education about sterilisation of owned animals and the responsibilities of all pet owners to have this undertaken on their 
pets is a paramount issue for stray animal population numbers reduction.  
If owned animals are not sterilised, then the reproduction rates given in the 
graphics at the end of this post are typical of the additional numbers of animals 
that can end up on the streets.
Please only send information to Daniela which will be of use in a court of law.
We all wish Daniela every success with this action.
Here is the message from Daniela:
Dear All,
You might be aware of the street dog situation in Braila - Romania, and our efforts since 2006 to convince the local administration they 
must spay&neuter, neuter&spay, since the dog culling and killing will 
never remove the dogs from streets.
Since January 2008 the Romanian law for animal protection 9/2008 bans the euthanasia of healthy street dogs. The city hall of Braila pays a 
dogcatchers NGO (for 'animal protection') that 'store' about 1000 - 1500 dogs 
a year in conditions hard to describe (fertile males and females together, 
overcrowded, strong and weak dogs together, without food, infants and puppies 
separated from their mothers), maltreat them, cannot justify where the dogs 
(and money) vanish, insult people that visit the dogpound to rescue their  dogs. 
Upon complaints,  the animal organizations are banned from visiting the 
dogpound - even in the presence of police.
So the law for animal protection has no effect in this dogpound where hundred dogs are impounded.  
This NGO (Horez) never did a single spay or neuter - their veterinarian 
is only on papers, to put his stamp. 
They got 8,5 billion lei (over 200,000 Euro) in 28 months (Aug 2006 - Dec 2008) 
from city hall to kill and maltreat animals.
You (ie. Many International Animal welfare organisations / NGO’s) have a great deal of experience and examples of how sterilization programs 
work; you know details about the situation in Braila - FPCC, RAR, 
Vier Pfoten, Save the Dogs - since there were many attempts to convince the 
mayors to rethink their policy.
Here are more details, articles, photos and films:
Now FRPCA sued the mayor of Braila, Aurel Simionescu, and another 3 representatives of the local administration for the faulty 
management of street dogs, for the lack of efficiency in spending 
public money, without solving the street dog problem and for animal cruelty.
The mayor refuses any solution, excepting this illegal NGO and its dogpound (it works without sanitary veterinarian authorization and is paid 
from taxpayers' money).
We kindly ask you to join & support our action, by sending letters
that will be attached to our dossier, speaking about the international experience in many countries, and about results of the spay-neuter programs.
Please speak about how the law for animal protection is enforced in your countries, and about penalties for maltreating animals.
Vier Pfoten offered Braila administration help to solve the problem, many times, without costs, though the mayors refused the solution 
proposed by animal organizations.
The address of Braila Mayor, Mr. Aurel Simionescu
It is important that the letters from animal organizations to reach me, since we want to use all arguments in court, in this trial: 
Please spread this message to all animal organizations to support our action - remember that the letters will be used in court. 
For more details, please contact me.
Daniela Dragomir – FRPCA
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the city where the absurd is mayor.
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