India: Two Vaccinated Youngsters Requiring Homes – Free Sterilisation Offered When They are Old Enough

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From: Madhu Goyal <
Dear all,
I received this plea for help just this morning. They are cute, aren’t they?
Cheeky and Cherry are 3 months old, female and of mixed breed.
Their mother is a boxer and father a “street” dog. They do not look much like boxers although they have docked tails, and that’s the reason their owners abandoned them.
They said “they look weird and we cannot sell them”.
Friendicoes is offering free sterilization when they are 7 months old.
Please help us find a home for them if possible.
Thanks and regards,
Madhu Goyal

India: Urgent Appeal to Stop Young St. Bernard Being Put to Sleep –

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From: Yana Bey <

Here is an urgent case. Pls see what you can do.

This is what I know of the case. A boy called Mayank Nathani –
9911041000 – and his parents got a St Bernard puppy to keep as a pet.
They didn’t know that it is a giant breed. When the dog was full
grown, they found him a problem and didn’t want him. So the boy gave
the dog to a friend of his. That friend has had the dog for 7 or 8
months. Now, the two friends have had a fight and the friend has
threatened to kill the dog. Mayank’s parents are willing to take the dog back but have said they will arrange for him to be put to sleep asap. The family lives in Anand Vihar in Delhi.

The dog is male, now three years old, healthy and sweet-tempered.
There’s nothing wrong with him. The person who has contacted me is
Alka E. Singh – 98103 50900. Since she knows the family, I have told her that our group might need her to stay involved.