India (Delhi): 3 Dogs for Adoption

Some requests in from Rishi:


Date: Thu, Feb 26, 2009 at 4:26 PM
Subject: loving homes needs in delhi
To: rishi2 <>



PLEASE CALL 9873822268





all doglovers please visit happy tails adoption website:

just click here:


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As we had discussed, I am attaching snaps of Golu who has undergone training and adoption ready.
A professional trainer has trained her and she is adept with following –
a) Basic obedience.
b) Heeling, walking without leash.
c) Positive interaction with other dogs.
d) Avoiding and easing through moving traffic.
She is less than 1.5 yrs old and has been operated for her not to reproduce. 
Looking for a home for Golu who will treat her well.

No conditions attached except for her humane treatment








Sharad // 9811799816


Serbia: Jelena Finds New Homes for ‘Flik’ and ‘Luci’ in Austria


Jelena has just sent pictures of ‘Flik’ and ‘Luci’ who have both now been found new homes in Austria thanks to special efforts by Animal Care Austria – visit their web site at









Please try and support the work of Jelena’s shelter by giving a donation to help find new homes for Serbian animals.


For Jelena’s shelter information, please access the following SAV links:

Information about donating can be found at the bottom of the following link:


Jelena’s Shelter links:



India: Urgent Home Required for One Surviving Pup of Family – Can You Help ?



Date: Sun, Mar 15, 2009 at 9:51 AM
Subject: Need a home for puppy Zeus
To: “Rishi Dev (CFAR)” <>
Hi Rishi, This puppy lives near my house with his mother.




He is the only one who survived from a litter of three.

The other two died as there was a lot of construction work going on near their habitat.


He is a 1.5 months old, very sweet, intelligent, mild natured puppy.

He is not hyper and is very well behaved.


His mother has not been keeping well lately and I am afraid she has to be moved to a shelter/hospital immediately.


Please find him a home. This is very urgent.


(His nose looks white in the pictures as he had been sniffing around in sand when I caught him on camera 🙂


Smita (98110 46535)


Turkey: Excellent Video of the Daily Life of a ‘Stray’ – Please Watch


Please watch the excellent video via the ‘metacafe’ link below.

Please send on to any contacts you have – Thanks;


Subject: Fwd: TURKEY please watch and forward

Date: Thursday, March 5, 2009, 2:01 PM



Very powerful video !


Please fwd the movie as much as possible , we try to show it on the TV before the elections



Web Site:


 ( code for video )


<embed src=”” width=”400″ height=”345″ wmode=”transparent” allowFullScreen=”true” pluginspage=”” type=”application/x-shockwave-flash”> </embed><br><font size = 1><a href=””></a> – <a href=””>Click here for more home videos</a></font>


Bali: Death Sentence for Bali Dogs – Your Help Needed Please NOW !

Death sentence for Bali dogs


View the graphic video here:


Send automatic mail of protest here


De: Pradeep Nath <>
Asunto: [aapn] Indonesia: Death sentence for Bali dogs – please help
Fecha: sábado, 14 marzo, 2009 11:57


Dear AAPN Members,
Apart from sending petitions from across the world to the Indonesian authorities ,
cannot the AAPN consider an online resolution , form a high level experienced spay/neuter team and rush to Bali or the Indonesian authorities and convince them with all the handin materials , expertise etc.,  It has to be one time within months programme to convince them.
By doing or trying such practical field practice AAPN  would achieve the objective
that have been seeking for and the money spent in this regard is well recognised.
If this is allowed to continue with them the reflection will be severe in other Asian
countries like China, Korea, Singapore and others where the authorities will never be convinced with the ABC programme and is a setback to our activities.
If the AAPN team can achieve to convince and do the programme there , Bali can
be taken as a project and the reflection  positive achievement can  be used for other countries.  Please remember the Srilanka Tsunami team progress.
I was talking about India to do this kind of thing as India is  ahuge rabies problem
but we can do this in  Bali now and showcase as it is smaller place than  ours to prove the results quickly.
The situation in Bali is very discouraging to read and visualise an d is a great shame
that it has to happen and continue to happen in a place where the AAPN had its latest meeting and moreso nullifying  report an d glorification with the ONE DAY SPAY PROGRAMME.
I pray for the two dogs that were sterilised in the conference room and released
immediately in the hotel area.
Kind regards,

Date: Fri, 13 Mar 2009 20:27:20 +1100

Death sentence for Bali dogs
Healthy dogs killed as a precaution against rabies and left to rot
in the street.
What tourists can expect to see on Bali streets

In a kneejerk reaction to a report of rabies killing 8 people, the
Balinese Government has begun an elimination program of all community
dogs and cats across the Island of Bali using strychnine
poison. Healthy animals and pets are also included because the
program is not selective.
Strychnine poison causes an agonising and painful death, sometimes
taking hours.

The Animal Protection Association of Australia (APAA)
has documented evidence of dogs dying in agony on Bali streets with
gruesome piles of dead dogs left on the streets in full public view.

See APAA’s video evidence (warning – graphic and


See more information and photos on our website

The Balinese Government have banned the vaccination of dogs and cats
in most areas yet the World Health Organisation advises the most
economical and effective method is to pre-vaccinate populations of
cats and dogs against rabies.
The elimination program also poses a real danger to Balinese and
tourists alike because dart guns are being used in crowded public



Other methods used to kill dogs in Bali include bludgeoning and
shooting. Australians recently witnessed the shooting of dogs in
full public view on Seminyak beach



Send auto mail NOW


Make these points …………


Stop the cruel slaughter of dogs in Bali immidiately.
Lift the ban on rabies vaccines and let the animal welfare groups in
Bali start vaccinating all the dogs straight away.
Start vaccinating all dogs accross Bali.
You will not consider holidaying in Bali until the killing program is stopped.
Bali represents peace, beauty, charm and tranquility for tourists.
Shocking cruelty to animals does not belong in Bali any more than
terrorism belongs in Bali
Animal Protection Association of Australia (Inc)
PO Box 167
Corindi Beach NSW 2456
Phone 0409 824 803




Bali official Website:






Mary Alice Pollard
UK Rep: International Organization for Animal Protection NGO affiliated to the UN
Cornwall’s Voice for Animals:


UK Week for the Animals is an exciting week of events created to celebrate and joyfully build awareness for the animals……..


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“One of the most dangerous things that can happen to a child is to kill or torture an animal and get away with it.” – Margaret Mead –


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