Ireland: Mutilated Greyhound Bodies Found Dumped – Government Asked to Act



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 Press Release 3-6-09

GREYHOUND ACTION IRELAND are again dismayed  but not surprised at the
discovery of yet more dumped  earless greyhounds on a mid west beach. This
butchery is part and parcel of the cruel Greyhound  Racing and coursing

‘We call on the Minister for SPORT MARTIN CULLEN to withdraw all financial
support in the form of  grants to the Greyhound and horse Racing
-(currently standing at over 100 million in taxpayers
money  since 2001)
This money is spent to prop up an ailing Industry built
on :

  • Endemic and widespread animal abuse-including use of drugs, massive over-breeding and  killing and dumping.
  • Slaughter of thousands of dogs and pups annually.
  • promotion of underage gambling (no underage limit at the tracks)
  • see go to IRELAND

Bernie Wright
 Phone 0872651720

Irish newspaper Report:


Mutilated remains of greyhounds dumped at popular pier


Wednesday June 03 2009

The carcasses of three dead greyhounds have been dumped at one of the most popular bathing areas in the Mid-West.

The shocking discovery was made by officials from the Environment Department of Limerick County Council last Thursday.

Water Officer with the Council, John Considine was on a regular inspection of the county’s two main bathing areas, at Glin in east Limerick and at Kilteery, on the border with Co Kerry.

While speaking with staff at Kilteery he noticed what appeared to be the remains of the dog in the water below the pier.

On closer inspection, Mr Considine discovered two recently dumped greyhounds and the skeletal remains of a greyhound which had been dumped some time ago.

The ears of all dogs had been cut off in an apparent attempt to avoid identifying the owner of the animalsall greyhounds have an identification number tattooed behind their ears.

The matter has been reported to the gardai, while Bord na gCon has also been advised of the find.

The board is anxious to have a hair taken from each of the two most recently dumped dogs in an attempt to identify the animals by DNA.

Judging from the build of the dogs, there are indications that they have been bred for coursing rather than greyhound track racing.

Mr Considine said: “There are just no words for a person who would do a thing like that. We have made a huge effort to develop this into an amenity area to be enjoyed — and then this happened.

“I haven’t seen anything like this in 20 years in this job and the fact that all that remains of one of the dogs is skeletal suggests that somebody is making a habit of this.

“There are also clear indications that the other two dogs were put down by a vet before being dumped here in this way. We are pursuing this matter in every way we can”.

The remains of all three animals have since been removed from Kilteery pier.



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