Uk: Public Pressure Stops Matador Appearence at Uk Bookstore, but Armani Have Designed New Matador Costume – Action Required – Please Read On





A message from the League Against Cruel Sports (LACS) –







A big thank you but now we need you to contact Armani!

Dear all

On Friday, we asked you to contact your local Waterstone’s to enquire whether or not “the last British bullfighter”, Frank Evans was due to make an appearance to promote his book.

Well, we’ve just had a call from Deborah Tilley, the Head of PR at Waterstone’s, to say that their stores have been inundated with calls and emails, and they have withdrawn all the planned appearances for Mr Evans.

Your urgent action has made a real difference and has prevented the shameless promotion of bloodsports on our high street.

Assistant removing sword

Sadly, Waterstone’s aren’t the only company to get involved in this sordid business.

Today we’ve heard that the fashion designer Giorgio Armani has designed a new costume – or traje de luz – for the matador in the annual Corrida Goyesca bullfight.

You’d think Armani would have more taste than to support such atrocities, but sadly not.

The Armani deed is done, but perhaps you’d like to email Rod Manley, Giorgio Armani Public Relations, to tell him what you think of their support for bullfighting and urge them not to repeat this public endorsement. 

Click here to email Rod Manley, Giorgio Armani Public Relations

Many thanks for your support – LACS

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