Serbia: Excellent News From Felix Shelter – The Tank Of Gas Has Filled Fully And The Kitties Are All Safe And Warm – Thank You.

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Excellent news from Danica at Shelter felix – as you can see from the pictures below the new gas has been supplied and the shelter is now up and running at full warmth – with nice warm kitties !!.

We join with Danica and the cats in thanking everyone who has donated to get the new tank of gas and for helping to keep all the kitties warm.

So thank you for giving – SAV.


Danica Mirkovic posted in Milanče – Cat Rescue Shelter Felix.


Dear friends,

We’re overjoyed to announce that gas has finally arrived!

Our central heating has already kicked into high gear and most of the kitties are quickly occupying their usual sleeping places on top of the radiators 🙂

Those who prefer to stay in their warm and cozy cat beds change their positions from all curled up to stretched out or bent over backwards, although the very best of friends still prefer to snuggle together in their sleep.

Now that the cats’ rooms and the house are warm it can snow all it wants, we just don’t care!


There are no words to describe our most profound thanks and appreciation to all of you for your help!

A simple thank you is not enough for all that amazing Laura Simpson, her awesome organization The Great Animal Rescue Chase & Harmony Fund and each one of you have given us.

All we can say is that we’re blessed to have such caring, thoughtful and wonderful friends 🙂

You’re the best!




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