Germany: report about farm und transport misery

First report:

On the 24th of July 86,500 chickens died after fire in a stable in Lower Saxony, (Germany) – 2.8 million euros damage (!!!)


Police said the building was completely ablaze. The fire developed in the building, and although 150 firefighters were in charge, the animals could no longer be rescued.
“Even from a distance, a black cloud of smoke could be seen”, described the fire brigade master  the first minutes after the alarm. On site, the firefighters then found “a stable in full blaze”.

The 86,500 chickens housed on five “floors” in the 100-meter-long building were beyond salvation.

The truth: In the present case, there is murder, because of clear over-number of inmates and not existing fire protection measures in the stable!


Second report:


Hesse, Germany (dpa / lhe) – About 500 chickens died on the 25th of July during an animal transport. They were not supplied with water at 34 degrees, reported the police on Thursday in Giessen (Germany).


(Photo: Police Headquarters Central Hessen / dpa)


According to the officials, the livestock had neither a cooling system nor drinking water for the animals, which had already been traveling from France to a slaughterhouse in Poland for about 16 hours.

The drive there would have taken another twelve hours. The officials spoke of “incredible pictures”. In addition to around 500 dead chickens, numerous other animals would have been “in miserable condition” in the cages.

According to their assessment, not a single chicken would have survived until Poland.


Third report:


143 pigs transported on Tuesday, July 23 at 41 degrees without water


Photo: Police Dortmund, Germany

They were completely dehydrated, hyperventilated and could barely stand: On the highway the Dortmund police rescued with the fire brigade more than 100 pigs from the heat death.

At least three of the animals had already died when the police controlled the van.


In the transport officials measured 41 degrees despite ventilation and the built in water tank was empty. No wonder that the pigs hyperventilate and could no longer stand on their feet. The driver (47) from the Netherlands had no animal welfare documents.

For more…at:


Conclusion: I see only one solution to this misery of the animal transport, created by the sub-system of the transport mafia.
That means: the 8-hour animal transport limit for EU countries.
Animal transports automatically become an unprofitable business for all!

For agricultural lobby, slaughterhouse operators and transporters.

Best regards to all, Venus


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