EU / Balkans: SAV Launch New Petition Asking EU (Enlargement Commissioner Mr. Olli Rehn) To Act In Advance of Balkans States EU Membership (Accession) – Please Read and Sign – Petition Link In Text below




Video Link – Dogcatchers (Shinters) in Nis City, Serbia:

24/10/09 – Update.

Further to our correspondence with Commissioner Rehn of 19/10/09,

we have now decided to support this with a petition, the full wording of which follows at the end of this post.

The petition finsihes by declaring:

Signators of this petion request that Commissioner Rehn now fully investigates if there is actually any animal welfare legislation enforcement by Balkans states requiring EU membership prior to them being granted official EU membership.  Or is animal welfare legislation implementation simply being ignored.

We request the implementation of ‘democracy’ and the ‘rule of law’ for all animal welfare issues within Balkans states at all times prior to their EU Accession.  Where this is not happening, we rquest the EU demands it prior to accession”.

**  To sign the petition, simply click on the following link   **  : 

The petition is global, international and open to everyone – please support it.

We would especially though love to see lots of support from existing EU citizens; Commissioner Rehn is supposed to be a representative of the EU citizen, so let him know how EU citizens feel about this issue.

Please finish and comment you leave on the petition with wording like:

“I am an existing EU citizen, and I request that the EU Enlargement Commissioner acts on behalf of EU citizens and Balkans Animals”.

Add Your Voice for Serbian Animals Voice !!! – Sign today.

 Balkans dogs









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Many Thanks – SAV.



Target:  European Union Enlargement Commissioner: Olli Rehn

Sponsored by:  Serbian Animals Voice (SAV)

Petition overview:

Several Balkans states are now seeking either full membership (Accession) to the European Union (EU), or are attempting stronger links with the EU.

These include:  Republic of Macedonia,  Montenegro,  Serbia,  Bosnia
and Herzegovina,  Croatia and Kosovo.

Serbian Animals Voice (SAV) has been campaigning for the improved welfare of Balkans animals for several years.  We have extensive experience and data relating to the terrible daily suffering inflicted on animals, despite existing Balkan states national legislation which should legally prevent much of this.  There is very little evidence to show political and municipal authority enforcement of animal welfare legislation. – details of this on a ‘nation by nation’ basis can be seen via our site at

In October 2009, SAV wrote to Commissioner Olli Rehn; EU Commissioner for Enlargement, expressing our deep concerns regarding an apparent lack of existing national animal welfare legislation implementation and enforcement by governments throughout the Balkan states.

Over 25 ‘prime’ evidence links from the SAV site were provided to Commissioner Rehn, each of these containing many ‘sub’ links, showing extreme Balkans animal suffering video footage which relate to our concerns.  A few examples are shown in the following links –

**WARNING – Graphic Animal Suffering**:

We have expressed our concerns to the Commissioner, that even when provided with such evidence, clearly showing extreme animal abuses, nothing with regard investigation and prosecution is being followed up by the Balkans authorities to press charges; to enforce (the) often existing national animal welfare legislation.  In Serbia for example, the Public Attorney appears to be dismissing all evidence provided by animal welfare campaigners; instead, they themselves are themselves being accused of “obstructing them (the Public Attorney) from getting on with their legal work”.

In our letter, we have reminded Commissioner Rehn that (on his website) his very own words declare:

“The European Union currently has 27 Member States. The Western Balkan countries, Turkey and Iceland may also join once they meet the conditions for membership. The aim of enlargement is simple: to extend the area of peace, stability, democracy and the rule of law, and prosperity and well-being throughout Europe”. 

We draw particular attention to the statement by Commissioner Rehn of – “democracy and the rule of law”, as it is felt that despite Serbian animal welfare campaigners providing large amounts of evidence to Serbian legislators, no action appears to ever be taken by Serbian authorities to apply ‘the rule of law’ – a fundamental condition necessary for EU membership.

If no action (in the form of prosecutions against animal cruelty) is being shown to be taken by Serbian legislators following the production of evidence and documented requests by animal welfare campaigners, then we declare that Serbia is not meeting some of the necessary and fundamental aims of EU enlargement – with regard showing the implementation of both ‘democracy’ (ie. requests by animal welfare campaigners) and the ‘rule of law’ (ie. by not prosecuting perpetrators of causing animal suffering), even when evidence is provided. 

As a consequence, Signators of this petion request that Commissioner Rehn now fully investigates if there is actually any animal welfare legislation enforcement by Balkans states requiring EU membership prior to them being granted official EU membership.  Or is animal welfare legislation implementation simply being ignored.

We request the implementation of ‘democracy’ and the ‘rule of law’ for all animal welfare issues within Balkans states at all times prior to their EU Accession.  Where this is not happening, we rquest the EU demands it prior to accession.



**  To sign the petition, simply click on the following link   **  :

The petition is global, international and open to everyone – please support it.


Serbia: 384 MILLION EURO Loan to Serbia – and what goes into Animal Welfare ? – Guess ?

Serbian  Flag







23 Octobre 2009

EIB welcomes Serbian Prime Minister Mirko Cvetković

Signature of EUR 384 million loan for Corridor X

The President of the European Investment Bank (EIB) Philippe
Maystadt and the Vice-President Dario Scannapieco, in charge
of the operations for the Western Balkans, welcomed the
Serbian Prime Minister, Mirko Cvetkovic, at the EIB
headquarters in Luxembourg on Friday, 23 October. This is
the first official visit to the Bank of a Serbian Prime
Minister. President Maystadt and Vice-President Scannapieco
covered with the Prime Minister Cvetković all the main
issues concerning the EIB activity in Serbia aimed at
supporting economic recovery and helping Serbia on its path
towards joining the European Union.

On the same occasion a EUR 384 million loan to the Republic
of Serbia
to finance the construction of a new 75 kilometer
section of motorway on Pan-European Corridor X between
Grabovnica and Levosoje was signed. The EIB financing will
cover 40% of the total cost of this priority project for

The promoter of the project will be Corridor X limited
liability company (CXLLC), a subsidiary of Roads of Serbia,
the public enterprise owned by the Republic of Serbia
operating under the authority of the Ministry of

This operation is the EIB’s seventh project in the road
sector in Serbia since 2000 and is also the largest single
loan provided by EIB in Serbia to date. The motorway section
Grabovnica-Levosoje forms part of the wider Pan-European
Corridor X investment programme, which also includes section
E-80 towards Bulgaria currently under appraisal, extending
TEN (Trans European Network) outside the European Union.

The project could potentially be considered under the
Western Balkan Investment Framework (WBIF), jointly
announced on 21 st October by the European Commission, the
EIB, the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development,
the Council of Europe Development Bank, with the endorsement
of EU Member States, aiming at providing a joint grant
facility and a joint lending facility to finance priority
investment projects in the Western Balkans such as support
to SMEs, energy efficiency and investments in the
infrastructure sector, including social infrastructure.


The European Investment Bank supports the strategic and
policy objectives of the European Union by granting
long-term loans for economically viable investment projects.
The EIB’s shareholders are the 27 EU Member States. At
end-2008, the EIB’s total financing amounted to EUR 355bn.

The EIB is the largest international investor in the Western
Balkans and operates with the aim of facilitating the
region’s process of integration with the European Union.
The Bank has been active in the region since 1977. Over the
past nine years (January 2000-September 2009), the EIB has
financed projects totalling EUR 3 823 million in the area on
top of providing finance of EUR 1 721 million to Croatia.
The Bank’s focus in the Western Balkans has been on the
implementation of transport, energy, health and education
projects, support for small and medium-sized enterprises
(SMEs), industry and services, water and sanitation.

Cyprus: Two kittens in Need of Human Foster Parent for Around 6 Months Until They Can Come to the Uk

Subject: 2 kittens in Prataras, Cyprus – URGENT!

Prataras is approximately 45 mins from Larnaca airport, Southern Cyprus.

There are 2 juvenile kittens (which are tame) that need vaccinations, blood tests etc. in preparation for being flown over to the UK. 

The whole pre-passport procedure will take approximately 6 months although all expenses will be paid for.

So we’re really looking for someone who can look after the kittens from now until they get their passport (all through their treatment) who lives on the island and has the time for this.

Anyone interested in helping, please call

June on 07979 485858 ASAP!

Many thanks


Morocco: Update and Eyewitness Report From Khénifra About the Massacre of Dogs and Cats in the City


Further to our post about Morocco,

to which we have had an overwhelming response, we now detail a report sent to us by a campaigner located in Morocco.  This is a copy of the testemony, directly as it was written and sent – un edited.

SAV have contacted SPANA (London) on both the 19th and 20th of October relating to this issue. 

In a telephone conversation on 20/10/09, SAV have informed SPANA in detail of the current situation in Morocco, and requested that they (SPANA) contact the Moroccan authorities / government in an attempt to get this massacre stopped immediately.

SAV were informed that details of this incident and a copy of the testimony below will be provided to the Chief Exec of SPANA on his return on 21/10/09.  SAV have asked for a written reply from SPANA about what actions have happened / are intended to happen.


Testimony of xxxx, living Khénifra (Morocco) on the massacre of animals wandering the city.

If you could put it on the site, we’d be very grateful.

Sorry for the rough translation of English text.

They left at night armed with rifles and equipped of a van to collect the dogs after the killing.  Taking advantage of the fact that people were sleeping in their homes, they began their massacre.  Killing with guns, dogs, puppies, pregnant and nursing dogs.

These are municipal employees, messengers of death, terrorism and barbarism. Orders from the Municipal Authoritaties which to clean the city of all these events, go from street to street, from court to court, from market to market, to exterminate all life.

It makes them terrible crime that will be added to the list of violations and authoritarian leaders known creatures whose weaker, deprived of any force to defend their own lives, will be killed without mercy or regard.

People who heard the shots, have tried to intervene, but without success. We became familiar with the barbarism and the legacy of local authorities to solve the problem of stray dogs and other animals. of the most sadistic manner.

As usual, we learned that the authorities have decided to make the city the scene of another campaign cruel and barbaric slaughter. He is of another great experience, thirsting to shed the blood of innocent animals by local authoritarian.
The night of Wednesday, September 30, 2009 and as of the Tuesday, August 13, 2008, citizens have witnessed the barbarity of the most brutal agents of local authorities. Among the places mentioned, is the courtyard, near the central market and the weekly market.

The agents of the authorities begin their barbaric crimes against the poor and unfortunate dogs that most of them sleep under the trucks and vehicles parked in the yard. They shoot without Dicerni on everything they see. Dogs Puppies, dogs, cats. Only the groans of the poor animals, we do understand the horror of the scene because we were not allowed to approach to save them.

They use methods among the most frightening ways by attaching these two dogs to a single rope, which eventually choking them slowly.

Even young puppies and kittens and lactating mothers, were massacred.
they killed them one after the other and then have picked up their damned truck.
Some of them remained between the dying and wounded were buried alive in pits commununes.

But what can we expect local authorities who are just sick and sadistic.

Can only see destruction, devastation and horrific abuse against animals, humans, and even nature.

They even removed by force dog owners to kill them before their own eyes.

You better know the brutality of local authorities, its violations of citizens’ rights and disregard of all international covenants, both in terms of human rights or animal rights

Let us tell you, what happened with a poor woman
who fought to defend the life of his dog courage unparalleled, unexpected before the heavily armed officers who had the strength of his arm. She challenged them in their despotism saying kill me before you kill my dog.

What happened with this woman Exposes false slogans and golden promoted here and abroad, that we live under the rule of the rule of law.

If human beings are treated with such cruelty, how can one imagine the scale and brutality exercised on the Animal By these authorities

When these barbarians-THERE learn that there are human and civilized methods,
regarding stray animals and there are municipalities in other countries that adopt this method successfully. We refer here, of course, adopting a program of vaccinations and sterilization.

We also remind you that these cowardly and shameful crimes committed
and seen the addition of cotoyens disgusted and helpless challenged.

The few activists who fight for animals in Morocco, trying to improve conditions for animals and structures often struggle without money or power, against all violations of the right to a decent life as all living beings deserve respect and Reverence and creativity of God, who gave the gift of life to the man himself.

We ask you to sign this link:

I are a part of SPANA in the city of Khenifra, but unfortunately, it can be considered as nonexistent.

The leaders of this section do not exceed their role to provide some treatment services for animals kept by their owners within the spana.

The citizens are outraged by the failure of their business and their performances. Nous clearly see the pick of the Spana circulated in the streets but nobody has ever seen those responsible for this section, rescuing sick animals and suffering from the streets.

For them, a stray animal without an owner, deserves no attention and should be ignored. This is the case of municipal Aurorita. meiux and as if the massacre.

If this is the treatment of those who are supposed to help feed and maintain it, what can we expect from such campaigns heinous and barbaric slaughter of stray dogs taken by the authorities and supporters of the barbarity of this city.

Given all these atrocities and to address these violations, we urge you again to condemn these atrocities in the name of all human values that continue to be raped by supporters of barbarism and on behalf of hundreds of lives of these creatures, weak and unable to defend their own lives and esprits.  A support all efforts against violations and abuses to animals in Morocco and supporting them with your convictions against the barbarity of city officials who do not care about the protests and battles we menont.

Help us by signing across the world to denounce everything that happens and everything is done to animals in Morocco.

Condemned all forms of violations and abuse committed against them in this country, for their dignity and their right to live a decent life are recognized.


UPDATE – 20/10/09

Dear xxx                        

I’m back!

Yesterday evening in the neighborhood were lives a friend of mine, they filed poison everywhere!

Stray dogs were howling, weeping in pain from midnight to 3 hours of the morning!

My friend could not get out at this hour because the district is hot!

She did not know what to do and seemed to become mad, she went to see me tonight, upset!

I fear they do this in all areas ….  



EU: SAV Writes to EU ‘Enlargement’ Commissioner Olli Rehn Regarding Concerns About Balkans Animal Welfare Legislation Enforcement; or Lack Of !




SAV has now written to Commissioner Olli Rehn; EU Commissioner for Enlargement, expressing our concerns regarding animal welfare legislation enforcement throughout the Balkans.

Commissioner Rehn Website:

Our four (4) page letter has covered animal welfare issues in the following states:

Serbia,  Macedonia,  Bosnia and Hertzegovina,  Croatia,  Montenegro.

Over 25 ‘prime’ links have been provided to Commissioner Rehn, each of these with many ‘sub’ links, showing Balkans animal suffering video footage which details our concerns.  A few examples are shown here: 

We have expressed our concerns that even when provided with such video evidence as this, clearly showing those involved in animal abuses, nothing is being done by the authorities to press charges; to enforce the law.  With regard Serbia, the Public Attorney would appear to be dismissing all evidence provided.  More details are provided in our post:

We have reminded Commissioner Rehn that (on his website) his very own words declare:

“The European Union currently has 27 Member States. The Western Balkan countries, Turkey and Iceland may also join once they meet the conditions for membership. The aim of enlargement is simple: to extend the area of peace, stability, democracy and the rule of law, and prosperity and well-being throughout Europe”. 

We pay particular attention to “democracy and the rule of law”, as it is felt that despite Serbian animal welfare campaigners through their right of ‘democracy’, providing large amounts of evidence to Serbian legislators, no action appears to ever be taken by Serbian authorities to apply ‘the rule of law’.

If no action (prosecutions) is being shown to be taken by Serbian legislators, then possibly Serbia is not meeting one of the aims of EU enlargement with regard both democracy and the rule of law

Applying ‘the rule of law’ would mean identifying (from the videos) and prosecuting those involved with animal abuses.

We are not publishing a copy of the information provided to Commissioner Rehn, as we feel that this is private between him and European citizens representing Serbian Animals Voice with this evidence. 

We have requested that Commissioner Rehn now investigates animal welfare legislation enforcement by Balkans states requiring EU membership, and have asked why (from what we are informed by the Serbian Public Attorney and the police), they as nations are allegedly NOT enforcing their own national legislation when it comes to issues of animal welfare.

Ie. not applying the ‘rule of law’, a fundamental condition which needs to be shown to be applied nationally by nations wishing to become future members of the EU.

We now await Commissioner Rehns responses on this important point of animal welfare legislation within the Balkans.

Once we have been provided with a response from Commissioner Rehn, will we then decide our future route of action.




 Above – SERBIA





Uk (Scotland): Watch Short Seal Film and Please Sign Pledge




AfA Seal

TV star Richard Briers gives voice to our seal animation

Watch ‘Bonnie’s Tale’

Dear friend

I thought you might be interested to see our fantastic animated short tale, based upon a true story of a Scottish seal.

We are delighted to have the distinctive voice of Richard Briers for the narration; a voice which we have grown to love over the past few decades.

The star of such TV hits as The Good Life said “Everyone has a soft spot for seals.  I think the shooting of seals is absolutely awful especially during their breeding seasons.”

The more people watch the film and sign our online pledge, the greater the chance that the Scottish Government will better protect these beautiful and defenceless creatures.

You would be helping fantastically if you do one or more of the following:

Watch the film and sign our online pledge

Let your friends and other contacts know about it

Post it to your Facebook profile

Link to it from your Twitter account
Watch ‘Bonnie’s Tale’

Yours sincerely

The Advocates for Animals team

Serbia: Evidence; What Evidence ? ! ?

Serbian  Flag






WARNING – Graphic footage of animal suffering in organised fights etc is shown in sub links on each of the following primary links – that is those which have not already been removed by the users ! – please read on for details. 

Serbian Public Attorney; try these as evidence for a start and then tell us it is not possible to identify who is involved ! :

We still have copies of them all regardless.

Past Links and Evidence:

Note that on many of the above links that we gave on the original SAV posts showing animals fighting with each other, including foxes and badgers being baited, and dogs attacking wild boar, MUCH OF THE FOOTAGE HAS NOW ‘BEEN REMOVED BY THE USER.

If the ‘user’ (who almost certainly made the footage) has nothing to hide and all their activities are valid as far as they are concerned, then why now have they removed the footage ? – something to hide ?; could it be in relation to Criminal Charge evidence submitted to the Serbian Public Attorney by animal welfare organisations ?

Fortunately, and assuming that the creators of these sadistic scenes of animal abuse would eventually remove them from public view, welfare campaigners ensured that  full copies of all the footage were taken in advance at the time that it was still being publicised.  So regardless of the current situation where the ‘user’ has now removed the footage, we still have copies of everything should future legal actions be necessary.

Names, surnames, video evidence and photographic evidence of those involved with these clear abuses of animals were provided to the Serbian Public Attorney; the video footage clearly showing the faces of parties involved.  Video footage we still have which still shows the faces.

Now welfare campaigners have been informed that both the police and the inspectors of the Ministry of Agriculture and the Ministry of the Environment have found NO EVIDENCE of any wild animals having been caused any sufferingWe have been informed that ‘some people keep wild pigs as pets’:

– Obviously this shows footage of daily ‘play’ between pet animals no doubt !!

The Ministries ask for ‘proof’ , even though we consider that the above video footage for example is enough ‘proof’.

The police have oddly enough ‘LOST’ the first documented Criminal Charge presented by the campaigners some THREE (3) TIMES now ! – requiring a 4th copy to be sent to them on 23/02/09.

Further charges have now been persented / submitted by welfare campaigners since this time; building on the stack of evidence and video footage now held; remember, this is oddly enough some of the footage which has now been removed by the user.

It would appear that the police have not been able to find the Criminal Charge, and as a result they have not been able to find those who have been involved in these actions.

Campaigners feel that both the police and the Public Attorneys in Serbia have been obstructing any criminal charges brought by welfare campaigners regarding animal fighting.  Below are some copies of the large amount of documentation now held by welfare campaigners relating to this.





Fighting between dogs, dogs and foxes, and dogs and badgers has often been taking place underground; literally – see:

Ministries are claiming to campaigners that bodies of foxes and badgers which have been involved in fighting have never been found, so it would appear that nothing can be done as there is no ‘evidence’ !.

One person (fighter) who lives in Chachak and who has made in the past extremely brutal animal fighting videos in which foxes were kept and continually attacked by dogs until their (foxes) deaths, has never had any action taken against them.  Neither have Dejan Molnar who does fights in Subotica, Obrad Panic who does fights in Subotica, and Aleksandar who does fights in Sefkerin. 

Despite all the video evidence and criminal charges presented by welfare organisations, both the police and the Ministries who should be involved with prosecutions, as well as the Public Attorney, all appear to be unable to keep footage in their holding, requesting copies of criminal charges (with the video links) be provided some 4 times ! – and they also seem to be unable to visually identify persons who are involved in these fights, despite clear facial evidence being shown on several parts of different video footage.

Even the Deputy Public Attorney General, Mrs Gorgdana Milosevic Stojanovic, has written a very stern and angry letter to welfare campaigners making statements and declarations such as they (the welfare campaigners) are obstructing the legal work of the Public Attorney General by sending in these charges !!

What does the public of Serbia have a  Public Attorney General for ?

Welfare campaigners ask what exactly the Serbian Public Attorney General does require in the way of evidence before they can bring charges

They have been supplied with:

  • Photographs
  • Video Footage – samples of which are given above as examples
  • Names of persons involved
  • Towns or villages where these persons live
  • Written Criminal charges by welfare organisations – which have been lost by the police up to four (4) times
  • A Deputy Public Attorney General who finds that a public legal issue, including such evidence as detailed, is ‘obstructing them from getting on with their legal work’ !!! – WOW !

We finish by saying that despite all this evidence being presented to Serbian Ministries and legal authorities, NOT ONE SINGLE PERSON who is clearly shown on some of this video evidence has to date ever been investigated or punished for this animal fighting.

Now these institutions have been sent another official request by the welfare campaigners asking what is happening / what has happened regarding these criminal charges originated by the welfare campaigners.

This type of action by people and organisations who should be upholding Serbian law / legislation does not seem very appropriate for a nation which is hoping to achieve accession into the EU in the near future.

The information in this post will immediately be forwarded to the European Union asking them to contact the Serbian authorities regarding the obvious lack of legal  and investigative action in relation to clear animal abuses which are identified many times on different video footage.

We would say that if the Serbian authorities and legislators cannot undertake an investigation such as this, when they have been provided with most of the evidence already, then we question if they are worthy of EU membership; who has membership Accesiion Criteria declaring:


Membership criteria require that the candidate country must have achieved

stability of institutions guaranteeing democracy, the rule of law, human rights and respect for and protection of minorities;

the existence of a functioning market economy as well as the capacity to cope with competitive pressure and market forces within the Union;

the ability to take on the obligations of membership including adherence to the aims of political, economic & monetary union.


Membership criteria also require that the candidate country must have created the conditions for its integration through the adjustment of its administrative structures, as underlined by the Madrid European Council in December 1995. While it is important that European Community legislation is transposed into national legislation, it is even more important that the legislation is implemented effectively through appropriate administrative and judicial structures.

This is a prerequisite of the mutual trust required by EU membership.


Additional action – Copies of this post are also being provided to the OIE – the World Organisation for Animal Health.