Morocco: 23/10/09 News and Photos From Khenifra






Latest from our contact friends in Morocco:

Here are the first 2 pictures, that a received, from Khénifra. Yesterday we were informed that they started killing dogs 30 km out of Marrakech with strichnene. An contact from Rabat, has informed that it is now illegal in Morocco to use poison to kill animals. We hope to have this verified very soon.




On 22/10/09 SAV talked for a long time with the Chief Executive at SPANA, who is based in London.

He was informed about the situation in Morocco, where the street animals are being killed with poison.  SAV were told that SPANA had contacted their people in Morocco and asked them to make representations / complaints to the authorities about the killings, but in reality, SPANA did not have much hope it would be stopped.

We  were informed that the Moroccan authorities always want SPANA to cover the full costs of any sterilisation done to animals throughout the country; this they (SPANA) cannot afford as it stops money going to help working animals – donkeys, mules, horses etc.

So it was not a very good outlook on things, but SPANA wish to be kept informed of the situation as we get it, and if we have any questions then we are to contact them.