India (Mumbai): ‘Romeo’ Needs a Permanent Home – Can You Help ?



When i went to feed rani her medicine for ear problem, i saw buidling kids playing with something. that something happened to be a pup! it was bundled in one of the kids hands and they were playing with it. on asking where it came from, i got to know that it had followed one of the building kids, so he got it into our building (i didnt know it was there since past 2 days!) the building kids decided to call it romeo, and i realised its a girl, but the name has stuck 🙂

The kids were all over the building, playing with her, and she loved all the attention she got. but when night came, they left her in the house they had built for her out of bricks and pedigree bag given by me. they also put a belt like rope around her neck, and tied it so that she dosent run away (lucky for her as all the building cars are parked opposite to my house. i didnt want her to be tied, but it was a small price to pay to keep her alive! (had a couple of pups n kittens crushed under fast cars in past)

Thankfully, shes also not got totally wet in the rains since her house is covered in plastic.

Then it poured at night and i was worried that she would be cold, so i went to give her warm milk sometime back (2 am, since my dad had already shouted at me earlier and warned me not to feed her). shes been howling since then, and i had to send this email to people asking for help.

My building people hate our family as it is for the 3 dogs i feed, and romeo is just a plaything for the kids right now, but when she starts growing up, they will all stay away (thats what happened with tutti n julie) and shake their hands off her responsibility. i cant even think of sending her back because i dont know where the kid got her from and its been 3 days now, so i dont know if she will be accepted back or not. i know my building people and they will not let her stay here for long.

So if u can please circulate the email and pic and help in getting her a home, it will be really nice.

Romeo is a 1/1.5 month old very active and playful girl. she is very small and a pariah pup. i have given her deworming already and she laps up milk, puppy biscuits and even eats pedigree. she has pretty strong and sharp teeth and is extremely playful and cute. all the building kids play with her n run around all the time!

** anyone interested in getting this angel home**,

please reply

attached is a pic of romeo.


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India: **UPDATE** – CUPA Pet Adoption Day is a Massive Successs – Please Read Report Below






Further to our recent post  of 17/09/09,

we now have a report from Santosh of what has been an incredible day with lots of animals adopted.  Congratulations to all the team involved !




My thanx to all, especially Santosh who works tirelessly for
all these wonderful animals who have sooooo much love to give.

God bless them all!

On 10/3/09, santu <> wrote:

Dear Ones,

“Adoption is the best option”  was the tag line of the CUPA ‘S- PET
ADOPTION DAY on 2nd Oct 2009,which was very positive and overwhelming experience for all of us ,the main reason being that our premises was flooded with potential adoptees from various backgrounds,visitors,local celebrities and media. 

CUPA had a tuf time to handle the excited crowd even before the event started,we have had animal lovers , farmers to IT Professionals and not to forget the Bangalore youth enjoying basking with warm animal love.

Our Successful Adoptions are

53  Pups [ Indian pups ]
2O Abandon Dogs
15 Kittens
10 Cats

We have maintained a data base of all adopters and visitors who visited the event and we would make a adoption checks to make sure the animal is happy  and safe.

We would like to thank all the animal lovers who came to look for a
companion and gladly went with their hands full ,the free bees sponsors ,the
print media, TV,Radio who happily agreed to be a part of this loving event
and sportive celebrities who time off and encouraged people to adopt .It was indeed a success event since we at CUPA believe even if one animal is able to get a loving home it is a grand success

Thanks and Regards
Santosh Rajashekar

You can visit Pet adoption profiles in CUPA’s blog*