Serbia: Evidence; What Evidence ? ! ?

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WARNING – Graphic footage of animal suffering in organised fights etc is shown in sub links on each of the following primary links – that is those which have not already been removed by the users ! – please read on for details. 

Serbian Public Attorney; try these as evidence for a start and then tell us it is not possible to identify who is involved ! :

We still have copies of them all regardless.

Past Links and Evidence:

Note that on many of the above links that we gave on the original SAV posts showing animals fighting with each other, including foxes and badgers being baited, and dogs attacking wild boar, MUCH OF THE FOOTAGE HAS NOW ‘BEEN REMOVED BY THE USER.

If the ‘user’ (who almost certainly made the footage) has nothing to hide and all their activities are valid as far as they are concerned, then why now have they removed the footage ? – something to hide ?; could it be in relation to Criminal Charge evidence submitted to the Serbian Public Attorney by animal welfare organisations ?

Fortunately, and assuming that the creators of these sadistic scenes of animal abuse would eventually remove them from public view, welfare campaigners ensured that  full copies of all the footage were taken in advance at the time that it was still being publicised.  So regardless of the current situation where the ‘user’ has now removed the footage, we still have copies of everything should future legal actions be necessary.

Names, surnames, video evidence and photographic evidence of those involved with these clear abuses of animals were provided to the Serbian Public Attorney; the video footage clearly showing the faces of parties involved.  Video footage we still have which still shows the faces.

Now welfare campaigners have been informed that both the police and the inspectors of the Ministry of Agriculture and the Ministry of the Environment have found NO EVIDENCE of any wild animals having been caused any sufferingWe have been informed that ‘some people keep wild pigs as pets’:

– Obviously this shows footage of daily ‘play’ between pet animals no doubt !!

The Ministries ask for ‘proof’ , even though we consider that the above video footage for example is enough ‘proof’.

The police have oddly enough ‘LOST’ the first documented Criminal Charge presented by the campaigners some THREE (3) TIMES now ! – requiring a 4th copy to be sent to them on 23/02/09.

Further charges have now been persented / submitted by welfare campaigners since this time; building on the stack of evidence and video footage now held; remember, this is oddly enough some of the footage which has now been removed by the user.

It would appear that the police have not been able to find the Criminal Charge, and as a result they have not been able to find those who have been involved in these actions.

Campaigners feel that both the police and the Public Attorneys in Serbia have been obstructing any criminal charges brought by welfare campaigners regarding animal fighting.  Below are some copies of the large amount of documentation now held by welfare campaigners relating to this.





Fighting between dogs, dogs and foxes, and dogs and badgers has often been taking place underground; literally – see:

Ministries are claiming to campaigners that bodies of foxes and badgers which have been involved in fighting have never been found, so it would appear that nothing can be done as there is no ‘evidence’ !.

One person (fighter) who lives in Chachak and who has made in the past extremely brutal animal fighting videos in which foxes were kept and continually attacked by dogs until their (foxes) deaths, has never had any action taken against them.  Neither have Dejan Molnar who does fights in Subotica, Obrad Panic who does fights in Subotica, and Aleksandar who does fights in Sefkerin. 

Despite all the video evidence and criminal charges presented by welfare organisations, both the police and the Ministries who should be involved with prosecutions, as well as the Public Attorney, all appear to be unable to keep footage in their holding, requesting copies of criminal charges (with the video links) be provided some 4 times ! – and they also seem to be unable to visually identify persons who are involved in these fights, despite clear facial evidence being shown on several parts of different video footage.

Even the Deputy Public Attorney General, Mrs Gorgdana Milosevic Stojanovic, has written a very stern and angry letter to welfare campaigners making statements and declarations such as they (the welfare campaigners) are obstructing the legal work of the Public Attorney General by sending in these charges !!

What does the public of Serbia have a  Public Attorney General for ?

Welfare campaigners ask what exactly the Serbian Public Attorney General does require in the way of evidence before they can bring charges

They have been supplied with:

  • Photographs
  • Video Footage – samples of which are given above as examples
  • Names of persons involved
  • Towns or villages where these persons live
  • Written Criminal charges by welfare organisations – which have been lost by the police up to four (4) times
  • A Deputy Public Attorney General who finds that a public legal issue, including such evidence as detailed, is ‘obstructing them from getting on with their legal work’ !!! – WOW !

We finish by saying that despite all this evidence being presented to Serbian Ministries and legal authorities, NOT ONE SINGLE PERSON who is clearly shown on some of this video evidence has to date ever been investigated or punished for this animal fighting.

Now these institutions have been sent another official request by the welfare campaigners asking what is happening / what has happened regarding these criminal charges originated by the welfare campaigners.

This type of action by people and organisations who should be upholding Serbian law / legislation does not seem very appropriate for a nation which is hoping to achieve accession into the EU in the near future.

The information in this post will immediately be forwarded to the European Union asking them to contact the Serbian authorities regarding the obvious lack of legal  and investigative action in relation to clear animal abuses which are identified many times on different video footage.

We would say that if the Serbian authorities and legislators cannot undertake an investigation such as this, when they have been provided with most of the evidence already, then we question if they are worthy of EU membership; who has membership Accesiion Criteria declaring:


Membership criteria require that the candidate country must have achieved

stability of institutions guaranteeing democracy, the rule of law, human rights and respect for and protection of minorities;

the existence of a functioning market economy as well as the capacity to cope with competitive pressure and market forces within the Union;

the ability to take on the obligations of membership including adherence to the aims of political, economic & monetary union.


Membership criteria also require that the candidate country must have created the conditions for its integration through the adjustment of its administrative structures, as underlined by the Madrid European Council in December 1995. While it is important that European Community legislation is transposed into national legislation, it is even more important that the legislation is implemented effectively through appropriate administrative and judicial structures.

This is a prerequisite of the mutual trust required by EU membership.


Additional action – Copies of this post are also being provided to the OIE – the World Organisation for Animal Health.