Macedonia: ** UPDATE ** – Vardariste Pound; 11/10/09 – SAV Formally Writes to EU Animal Welfare Intergroup Requesting Investigation Into Conditions At, and EU Funding of Same.



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11/10/09SAV have today presented a letter to the President of the European Union Animal Welfare Intergroup relating to the disgusting current animal pound situation at Vardariste, Macedonia, along with the EU funding at this time to the municipality of 100,000 Euros each year.

Links to all SAV have been provided as evidence, along with photographs taken within the pound on 05/09/09.

A copy of the letter provided to the EU Intergroup can be seen by clicking on the following link:

Caroline Lucas Letter – Macedonia 

Note – we ask that the the policy currently being adopted at Leskovac City in Serbia:

be used as a future animal population management programme by all municipalities and governments within Balkans states.




India: Some Great Adoption News From Madhu – But Many Homes Still Needing to be Found for Many






Efforts may fail, but do not fail to make an effort !

Animals and humans suffer and die alike. …the same pain, the same spilling of blood, the same stench of death, the same arrogant, cruel, and brutal taking of life. 



Using this site, and to view all animals currently looking for homes, please do the following;

On the right side of this post, go to:       ‘Select Category’.

Use the drop down and select :

‘Animals Requiring Adoption or Homes Worldwide’.

Have a look at all the beautiful dogs and cats who are desperately in need of a loving home.  Contact details for every animal should be provided in the article.




From: Madhu Goyal

Subject: Good news from Delhi at last!
Date: Sunday, 11 October, 2009

Dear All,
I know you will be delighted to learn that the following dogs have been adopted:
1. Sweety, the 11-year-old Apso:

Last night I had a call from Jasjit to inform me that Sweety has gone home with a lovely couple who have experience with Apsos. Jasjit is certain that Sweety will live out her last years in peace and comfort, surrounded by loving people.
2. The St Bernard and German shepherd:

Thanks to Mou’s superhuman efforts, these two neglected and ill-treated dogs have found a home with a family that is passionate about animals. They will no longer be confined, they will have plenty of room to spread their wings, and, most importantly, they will be LOVED!
While we’re on a roll, let’s try and find homes for Fudge, Hope, Gucci, Chicken and Dodo, and all those other homeless Indian and mixed dogs in Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, etc., about whom you have received requests from time to time.
Thank you once again for your time and effort. I’m truly grateful,
Warm regards,