EU: SAV Writes to EU ‘Enlargement’ Commissioner Olli Rehn Regarding Concerns About Balkans Animal Welfare Legislation Enforcement; or Lack Of !




SAV has now written to Commissioner Olli Rehn; EU Commissioner for Enlargement, expressing our concerns regarding animal welfare legislation enforcement throughout the Balkans.

Commissioner Rehn Website:

Our four (4) page letter has covered animal welfare issues in the following states:

Serbia,  Macedonia,  Bosnia and Hertzegovina,  Croatia,  Montenegro.

Over 25 ‘prime’ links have been provided to Commissioner Rehn, each of these with many ‘sub’ links, showing Balkans animal suffering video footage which details our concerns.  A few examples are shown here: 

We have expressed our concerns that even when provided with such video evidence as this, clearly showing those involved in animal abuses, nothing is being done by the authorities to press charges; to enforce the law.  With regard Serbia, the Public Attorney would appear to be dismissing all evidence provided.  More details are provided in our post:

We have reminded Commissioner Rehn that (on his website) his very own words declare:

“The European Union currently has 27 Member States. The Western Balkan countries, Turkey and Iceland may also join once they meet the conditions for membership. The aim of enlargement is simple: to extend the area of peace, stability, democracy and the rule of law, and prosperity and well-being throughout Europe”. 

We pay particular attention to “democracy and the rule of law”, as it is felt that despite Serbian animal welfare campaigners through their right of ‘democracy’, providing large amounts of evidence to Serbian legislators, no action appears to ever be taken by Serbian authorities to apply ‘the rule of law’.

If no action (prosecutions) is being shown to be taken by Serbian legislators, then possibly Serbia is not meeting one of the aims of EU enlargement with regard both democracy and the rule of law

Applying ‘the rule of law’ would mean identifying (from the videos) and prosecuting those involved with animal abuses.

We are not publishing a copy of the information provided to Commissioner Rehn, as we feel that this is private between him and European citizens representing Serbian Animals Voice with this evidence. 

We have requested that Commissioner Rehn now investigates animal welfare legislation enforcement by Balkans states requiring EU membership, and have asked why (from what we are informed by the Serbian Public Attorney and the police), they as nations are allegedly NOT enforcing their own national legislation when it comes to issues of animal welfare.

Ie. not applying the ‘rule of law’, a fundamental condition which needs to be shown to be applied nationally by nations wishing to become future members of the EU.

We now await Commissioner Rehns responses on this important point of animal welfare legislation within the Balkans.

Once we have been provided with a response from Commissioner Rehn, will we then decide our future route of action.




 Above – SERBIA