Serbia: Loznica City Pound Death Camp – Why Does the Government Not Act Re Leskovac City Policy ? – and Why Not the European Union With A Policy For Stray Animal Welfare ?

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Here you will find many photographs of the current situation at the City pound death camp, Loznica, located in Serbia.

These pictures show just a selection of the thousands of animals killed every year by the government and its authorities, as they do in all Serbian towns and cities.





And where are the photograsphs of all the CATS (Feline) which are rounded up by the authorities ? – they are not shown because all the cats are killed immediately after their capture.  The Serbian government and authorities do not place cats into their pounds; they kill them immediately.




Leskovac City policy could be used by the Serbian government and authorities as a typical example of the way forward for animal population control.  A model city without animal killings; which could set the standard for all Serbian municipalities.  Leskovac City is an example that this policy of humane animal welfare could be adopted throughout Serbia; but we are witnessing no further evidence of any attempts to do it.

As with Leskovac City, only by public education programmes, adopting a policy of responsible animal ownership by pet owners, by sterilising animals from the municipal budget, hence reducing drastically the reproduction pyramids that we have always shown, and giving every animal a microchip identification tag, to enable irresponsible owners to be traced, will results in a reduction of animal numbers, and a saving of municpal budgets ever be achieved.



Financially targetting irresponsible pet owners who do not have their pet sterilised, but still turn them out onto the streets every day to reproduce and again ADD to the reproduction pyramids, is a must. 


Pet owners must be responsible owners; not be owners who continually add to the reproduction pyramids simply because they do not care what their animal (pet) gets up to when they turn it out every day onto the streets.





By controlling pet and stray animal numbers, municpalities will find rewards in their budgetary allocations.  Large Shinter teams will not be required to round up animals – a financial saving; money that can be redirected into covering costs for sterilisation of animals in cities.

Only when the Serbian government really takes action and makes all Serbian cities and towns run along the same policies of those at Leskovac City, will the government ever see any return for the money it is currently wasting by pouring it into the bottomless barrel that supports their ‘Kill’ policy.



There is currently NO DIFFERENCE between the government / municipality policy within any Balkans states – one of continually killing animals in any location rather than making attemps to reduce animal numbers by:

  • Sterilisation
  • Responsible ownership education
  • Vaccination against disease(s)
  • Microchipping – to enable irresponsible pet owners to be identified and prosecuted.
  • Microchipping – to establish a database to monitor animal numbers.

Balkans states which have a policy of avoiding the above, and who continue wasting budgets on continual animal killing include:

  • Macedonia:  Skopje, Prilep, etc;
  • Serbia:  Loznica, Subotica, Nish, Belgrade , Novi Sad,Sombor, Bor Kragujevac etc;  
  • Bosnia and Hercegovina:  Sarajevo, Brcko Districkt, Tuzla ,Banja Luka,etc; Croatia:  Zagreb , Osijek , Split,Benkovac etc;
  • Monte Negro:  Podgorica, HercegNovi , Boka Kotorska etc.

In all towns and cities throughout Balkans states, dogs and cats are continually being killed by governments who have no forward sight or planning.  Governments who appear to enjoy wasting public money rather than investing the same money into sterilisation, vaccination and microchipping identification programmes, all of which would help them to reduce animal numbers whilst at the same time help them identify (by the microchips) irresponsible owners who are adding to the the pouplation pyramids by NOT having their animals sterilised.

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Our campaigning continues regardless; and will, until government policy is changed to a national ‘No Kill’ policy.

We will continue to show video and photographic evidence of the daily suffering of animals within Balkans states by governments who are shortsighted and lack any long term animal welfare planning.

And we will continue to request that a very reluctant European Union (EU) actually moves forward also, undertakes what its citizens request, and actaully introduces Euro-wide legislation for the potection of pet and stray animals



The EU is in a position where it could largely eliminate the future  European ‘problems’ in some member states of stray animal numbers by introducing pet and stray animal welfare legislation very soon / immediately.