Spain: 03/11/09 Update and Further Action Re Donkey Killing by Sick In The Head Thugs






Subject: LATEST NEWS tortured donkey in Spain

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The Mayoress of Torreorgaz, Concepción Polo, has read a statement condemning what was done to the donkey on Friday and also a letter from the parents of the teenage sadists apologizing for them and taking full responsibility, but get this: the Court for Minors only wants to prosecute based on “damages” because the animal died of a “heart attack” and not of the wounds  !!!!!!!!!!

Please write again  to the Mayoress’s office and tell her you are NOT buying this absurd excuse and that you demand that the criminals be tried for cruelty to animals under the 5/2002 legislation.

Ayuntamiento de Torreorgaz – Calle Del Moral, 1 – Teléfono: 927 20 50 01 / 927 20 52 03
Fax: 927 20 53 74 – E-Mail:

Sample letter:

Acabo de leer con total incredulidad que el fiscal de menores acusa a los menores torturadores del burrito en su pueblo de un mero delito de “daños” porque el animal murió de un “ataque al corazón” y no de sus heridas. Por favor, no nos traten de imbéciles, el animal murió de la gran paliza recibida y de la brutal violación a la que fue sometido y no nos importa cual de sus órganos cedió primero, aquí se debe aplicar  la ley 5/2002 además de poner denuncia por lo administrativo. Cualquier acción para evitar un verdadero castigo a esos individuos sería un gran error de su parte ya que Vds. tienen a una pandilla de sicópatas en el seno de su sociedad, y está bien estudiado que los asesinos en serie y los asesinos de niños empiezan cometiendo barbaridades como la que nos ocupa.

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Translation of sample letter

I have just read with total disbelief that the teenage torturers of the donkey are being accused by the authorities merely of “damages” because the animal died of a “heart attack” and not of his wounds. Please do not treat us like idiots, the animal died of the terrible beating he received and of the brutal rape he suffered and we don’t care which one of his organs failed first, the law 5/2002 (*penal code) must be applied plus a civil suit. Any excuse to avoid a real punishment for these individuals would be a grave mistake on your part as you have a group of psychopaths in your midst  and it is a fact that serial and child killers start by torturing animals to death as in this case.

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