Existing (EU Member State) European Citizens: A Request for Your Help


We now wish to increase our awareness to existing European states regarding the current situation of animal suffering throughout the Balkans.  We especially wish to highlight the apparent disregard of this issue by the EU Enlargement Commission, who would appear to be using every trick in the book to avoid raising the issue of animal welfare legislation implementation and stray animal management programmes by Balkans states currently wishing to gain EU Accession (membership).

We are left with no choice but to now inform the press and media throughout existing EU member states of the Enlargement Commissions apparent reluctance in asking Balkans states about some of the fundamental points of EU membership – “democracy and the rule of law” when applied to animal welfare legislation.

As a campaign NGO for animals in the Balkans, we have plenty of evidence from Balkans states arriving with us on a daily basis which clearly shows that animal abuse and suffering is widespread across the Balkans; abuse which should and could be stopped by governments strictly enforcing their national legislation within these states.  We  also feel that the EU Enlargement Commission should be raising questions with and informing Balkans (EU) accession states of the feelings expressed by very many EU citizens regarding the complete lack of current animal welfare legislation enforcement in the Balkans; a feeling that until improvements are implemented and shown, the EU should not consider any further member states.


Photo; Dogs In vardariste City Pound, Macedonia

*** To this end, we put out an appeal, especially to all our European campaigners. ***

The ‘Euro media’ now need to be constantly informed en masse of the situation regarding animals in the Balkans.  They also need to be able to ask the EU Enlargement Commission what exactly they are doing about animal welfare legislation in these same states, especially when it comes down to new member states accession – ie. implementation of “democracy and the rule of law”.


So we ask if campaigners throughout existing EU member states if they are able to research and provide us with contact addresses (e mail) of all media organisations located within their own (individual) member state.

Basically we require nothing more than a block listing of all national press and tv organisations for specific existing EU member states.

If this can be done throughout europe, we will very quickly have a large media database for all the major newspapers and tv stations across the EU.  Then, we ensure that all reports and photographs of animal welfare issues within Balkans states (EU accession nations) can be rapidly posted to media agencies throughout europe.  It will then be up to the press and media of these existing EU member states to contact the EU Enlargement Commission and their national MEP’s to ask what is or is not being addressed by the Enlargement Commission regarding animal welfare legislation (ie. implementing ‘the rule of law’) which is required for EU membership in these EU accession states.

Please provide all press and media listings in a block form, separated with a comma (,), to the ‘Comment’ section on the SAV site – this site.  Ideally, please leave details as a comment to this very post.  Don’t forget to state which EU nation the links are for.

The block details will not only provide us with a quick listing of all Euromedia contacts, by using the ‘comments’ section of this SAV post, the information will be easily available to other EU campaign organisations; thus increasing their media contact database listing.

Lots of results for rather a little in the way of an outlay, one could say.

We hope to get your lists in the near future.

Regards and thanks – SAV.


“The aim of enlargement is simple: to extend the area of peace, stability, democracy and the rule of law, and prosperity and well-being throughout Europe”. 

Olli RehnEU Enlargement Commissioner.

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