India: 15/11/09 – Lots of Adoptions Waiting – Can You Help ?







Hey people time again for me to update everyone on the Mumbai adoption front.

puppies- 26

1. honey, 8 months old mixed breed at vile parle, contact- charu-9820338515

2. 2 months old local pups 6 of them at vile parle, contact- charu-9820338515

3. 3 months old chori n chupke, 2 female local pups with natasha-9819290140

4. 3 months old female pup, very active n playful with sudhir-9004038563

5. 3 months old 2 local male pups with jay at aarey colony, goregaon contact- Jay 9892759317 or Michelle 9819242913

6. 6 indian pups, 1 male, 5 females at marol with shobhana, contact shobhana/ mukund- 9324665565/ 9920251603

7. 2 month old 1 male n 1 female local pups at kalyan contact-preeti 9819414994

8. 3 months old sera and cherry, 2 female local pups at powai, contact sharan- 25705816 or 9594423697

9. 2 months old 1 male n 1 female pup in andheri, contact ruchi-9820191321

10. 3 months old 1 male n 1 female pup, contact or

kittens- (surprisingly, not too many kittens this time for adoption!)

1. 3 cats, at amboli with amruta shinde- charu-9820338515

2. 3 kittens about 4 months old for adoption with apala. contact- 9619125449

3. 4 kittens at andheri, contact aban- 9820731272

for any picture or more information, please check my blog-

please circulate



Pups for adoption in Hyderabad. they are on the road, so if anyone is interested in adopting, please make it soon before they get crushed under any car!

anyone interested in adopting, please email-



hi people,

recently 2 people contacted me and i think that they are just doing time pass, so a warning email to friends who are into pup adoption.

there is a guy called Prakash Agrahari who emailed me asking details of a pup and when i emailed the details and asked if he wants to see and pick it up, he replied asking me what my profession is and what i do etc. since what i do in personal life is not related to anything i do for animals, i sent him a reply n he sent me a stupid one.

so if he has contacted any of u for the same reason, please be aware. his cell no is- 982xxxx3050

second is a girl who called me on wednesday. she said she saw my ad on some website, she didnt remember the name, but she said she wanted a lab pup. i told her that the ones a have are local and she asked what i mean. so i told her that they are stray pups who are being taken care of by people and healthy. she askd me what the price for them would be and i replied that they are free of cost, but she wud have to pay for vaccination and sterilisation. then she said that she wants a lab and if i can help her, i said no n put the phone down. today morning, i again got a call, but from a different no. girl on phone asked if i had any german shephard pups for sale. i realised that its the same girl from the way she was speaking (she cudnt speak in english properly and made grammatical mistakes) so i shouted that i have told her yersterday itself and i dont want to receive more calls. she stays at vashi and mayb use the animl for breeding. on asking, she didnt even mention her name, so guys please beware. the girl called me from these nos- 672xxx90 and 992xxxx984

i m not sending complete nos so people dont misuse and call, but if u receive any calls from these nos, you know what to do.



Geeta Sharma Vet sent a message to the members of stop cruelty to animals.

Subject: is it right to remove all app. 5000 dogs from city and to impound them in a shalter

At Shimla due to one dog bite case in a child, the Hon’ble High Court of HP has ordered the Municipal Corporation to remove all the stray dogs from the Shimla town and to impound them in a shelter. Can you help the authorities in Shimla to nullify this order by providing any relavent information on this issue so that dogs can run freely in the city as 90% dogs are sterilised and vaccinated against rabies.”To reply to this message, follow the link below:


From: Niharika Mishra <>
Subject: [animalwelfare-india] Kittens in KolkataKittens for adoption : 

I got to know about  3 kittens, fully black like thier 1 year old mom. They are about 2 months old. 

Location :  Eastern Metropolitan Bypass, Kolkata

near Ruby Hospital

Warm Regards,

www.wecognize. blogspot. com

Mudita Chandra sent a message to the members of Dog Lovers..


Subject: sai ashram help / adorable labmixpup for adoption

Hello my darlings,

With Winter coming up we are desperately short of money at the Shelter.As you may know this is not a registered NGO but runs on the love and funds of doglovers in Delhi and around the world.

If possible pls contribute whatever you can.Even a Rs100 can go a long way.

You may also contribute in other ways like with your time or resources like milk,eggs,pedigree,daliyaa ,chewy bones ,newspaper,dettol, phinail etc

Pls send me a reply at the earliest.

Love and light,


Adam Matthews November 14 at 4:39pm Report
I have a two-month old mixed breed puppy for adoption. She literally followed me
back to work yesterday. She looks mostly lab. She’s a smart, healthy vibrant
little girl who loves to cuddle and give kisses. She’s also very cute. I have
already started teaching her sit, paw and to walk on lead. she is a quick

I would like to keep her but my dog, a major bully to puppies, will be joining
me soon in Delhi. I just took her for shots and her first check-up. All her
medical records are in order. I am looking for a good dog owner who is
committed to giving this beautiful little girl a good long-term home.

Anyone who is interested can reach me at  or 9971791198.

To reply to this message, follow the link below:


hi guys,

just got email for adopting 2 kittens and saw some very cute indian pups yest. kittens are 4 months old in andheri, staying with some guy who wants to give them awya since his mother is coming to stay with him, and pups are in someones compound in vile parle, getting wet in the rains.

if anyone is interested in the kittens or pups,

please call email-


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