Macedonia: ** IMPORTANT ** New Campaign Launch: Save the Dogs at Vardariste Pound, Skopje.





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We (SAV) have been provided with lots of data and very disturbing videos and photgraphs from our great campaigner friends in Macedonia relating to the dogs which are held and regularly killed at VARDARISTE Pound, Skopje.

For ease of SAV visitor information and visitor actions associated with this campaign, over the next few days we will be publishing several posts, each post detailing one area of the campaign; it is very much hoped that you will visit ALL of the posts and then help us by taking action which will be detailed in the final post – Number 3.

Post 1 details:

video footage obtained of the Vardariste facility.  A couple of photographs taken at the facility, showing the conditions in which the dogs are held, are also included.

Post 2 details:

photographs of the Vardariste facility and includes links to PETITIONS for the dogs which it is very much hoped you will add your name and comments to.  Facebook links are also included in this post.

Post 3 details:

a SAMPLE LETTER which can be copied and e mailed directly to the Mayor of Skopje and also to the government of Macedonia via an e mail direct link form – the link which will be provided in the post.

Copies of the letter can also be sent to Macedonian Press and other media – again here, all e mail addresses will be given within the post.

Links to MACEDONIAN EMBASSIES / CONSULATES around the World will also be provided, so that you can forward on your own mail / letter to your national embassy if you wish.

So Post 3 is the most important ‘Action’ post which requires your help and support.

It is hoped that Post 3 will be acted on by you only once you have visited Posts 1 and 2, as these provide background video footage links, photographs and petition links showing the terrible conditions in which the dogs at Vardariste facility are held.

Please, please give your devoted attention to this campaign to help the dogs at Vardariste facility in Macedonia.

Thanks – SAV

***  Keep Visiting Us – Posts 1, 2 and 3 to be published over the next few days.  ***